Rebel Squadrons

RID NL - New Mission!

By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Jan 17, 2011
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Hello fellow strategists and field commanders! Teu is on semi-LOA on health concerns and has asked me to get this released to you.

A brand new mission has been created for us (I think by Kirghy, but I'll get back to you on that one) and as such I've set up a new Tour for it. You are to defend the Redemption with an escort of corvettes and fighters against an Imperial patrol group of unknown composition.

Mission settings for this map are as follows:

-Win Conditions: Destroy Enemy
-Play as Rebels vs. Imperial AI
-AI Settings: Medium AI

-Other map settings: No heros, no superweapons

Good luck, and have fun!



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