Rebel Squadrons

VSG Newsletter, January of 2011

By MGN Adam Mieter
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Jan 17, 2011
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Vigilance Starfighter Group Newsletter
January 17th, 2011

1) Introduction
Greetings Pilots,

I have to apologize for the enormous delay in Newsletters, but these are trying times for the Rebel Squadrons. Richo is LOA for an unknown time period, so if you have any problems or questions, just shoot me a message. I have tried to gather all the information which is important to you since October, so let's get into it.

2) Activity
Well, as it was expected, the end of the year and the huge work on getting the RS rebuilt took a toll on active pilots. A total of 7 (seven) pilots had the time to fly VSG 305, and we were without any multiplayer. Other times this would get any self-respecting commanding officer mad, but considering the situation we are in, I only wish to express my gratitude to those who kept being active as a pilot. Let's blame this on a fictional end-of-the-year inventory and the fact that the Imperials won't attack on Christmas. ;)

However, in the current Dry Run, I expect every able pilot in their respective cockpits, frying pirates and impies! New year, new hopes!
The second Dry Run is live from today, and ends on February 20th. More on this will come in a news flash/letter from the Fleet Commander.

3) Roster Changes
Not that I know of, but this doesn't mean we won't get any new members soon. If any of you feel like it, let the word out that the VSG is looking for skilled (or unskilled, that's why we have an excellent Academy) pilots, without age/gender restriction (in fact, we are in serious need of young female pilots, to humiliate the Imperials even more! ;) ). A little bit of recruiting could come in handy this year.

4) Promotions - Awards
No promotions this time, but again, these were peaceful months.
We have a bunch of medals and merit level changes, what I'd like to announce now:

- Awards for VSG 305:
Congratulations goes to Resurrection Squadron for being able to earn the Top Squadron medal with the help of Major Jay Forerunner! Major Forerunner also did an excellent job on both missions, which means that he is our Top Gun for now; congratulations on your award, Jay!
The Renegade Cup goes to our Fleet Commander, Lieutenant General
Kirghy Lommax, while the Intrepid Cup belongs to Major Jay Forerunner.
Congratulations to both of them, nice flying out there! The VSG Mission Report Medal caused me some trouble since all the narratives were pretty good and I could not decide objectively, so I asked for some outside help, and I totally agreed with the decision. First Lieutenant Marque Coretree, congratulations on your first VSG medal! Excellent job!

Also, congratulations to the following pilots on their new merit ratings:
Lieutenant General Kirghy Lommax, from Expert 3rd Class to Expert 2nd Class;
Colonel Kane "Kid" Dev Redron, from Veteran 1st Class to Expert 4th Class;
Major Jay Forerunner, from Marksman 3rd Class to Marksman 1st Class;
First Lieutenant Marque "Fearpiak" Coretree, who just got started on the merit board with his first reports as Certified Pilot! Welcome to the family! ;)

Okay, guys, don't forget to get your helmets repainted.

- Other awards:
On January 10th, Major Jay Forerunner earned the XvTED Level 2 Ribbon, thus becoming a more skilled mission builder. Jay, I hope you will use that knowledge to reinforce our mission building team! ;)

5) Other Business
As it is written on the main page, Week of War are coming for XvT and XWA, a great chance to boost your merits, improve your skills and above all, have fun!
The VSG MP competition is still in Round Robin stage, so I take the opportunity to invite new participants in it. If you are interested in joining, or you wanted to join, but missed the deadline, this is an excellent opportunity to get back in the saddle! Just send an e-mail or private message directly to me, and I will tell you the details.

Another announcement is, that I hereby state the VSG Academy to be closed. Marshall squadron was not used in a while anyways, since the RS Academy came back to existence. There are discussions with the Academy on how to continue the graduation, but it figures that the Flight School will train new members in all simulation platforms. The need to officially close our Academy came out of the fact that there are differences in graduation requirements. To offer an equal amount of challenge to every new member from now on, they will use the graduation system of the RS Academy. If you have further questions about the changing training system, contact the RS Academy Command Staff.

6) Closing
That wraps up my first Newsletter as Acting CO. Have a nice day,
everyone, and keep up the good work (or get it started)!

Lt. Col. Adam Mieter
Acting VSG Commanding Officer


BGN Ray Djo - Wed Jan 19 2011, 12:11pm
"(in fact, we are in serious need of young female pilots, to humiliate the Imperials even more! ;) )"

- *ahem* I want to see you in your office, Colonel. >:o
MGN Adam Mieter - Thu Jan 20 2011, 2:19pm
I knew you will pick that line out of the other 576 :P