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Dry Run 2 - Activities of the Month, Historical Reports, and Other Fun Stuff

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jan 19, 2011
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Greetings all -

Just a couple of short things regarding this month's second coming of the Dry Run (with new and improved scoring system).

HOW TO REPORT MISSIONS/ACTIVITIES - per Kirghy's email - the new missions are out and the new reporting form is the way to report on any ITOD or Mulitplayer activity. The reporting hub is accessible through a couple of different ways; but the easiest way that I've found is just to use the flyout menus on the left side of the RS main page, and hover over "Activities" which will take you to both the ITOD hub ( and the Multiplayer hub ( - or you can just use the links. Pretty easy, but if you have questions, contact myself, Kirghy or VA Heavy.

WHO'S WINNING!? - Okay - so...there's a leaderboard, I'm just not sure if the admin page I use to update things is the same as the page everyone else can view it at. So when I have that figured out, I'll go ahead and post it in the news article responses so you all know where you and your squadron stand.

HISTORICAL REPORTS - under the new scoring system, you can report on and receive credit for a maximum of two (2) historical mission reports. These mission reports can be sent to and will automatically be forwarded to the relevant parties - please include your RS Pin and the name of the mission you've reported on (this information can be found in the missions database: Include any relevant screenshots and/or pilot files as usual.

ACTIVITIES OF THE MONTH - There are 2 Activities of the Month this month and they're both worth two points each.

1) Star Wars Haikus - A haiku is a type of poem in a 5-7-5 syllable format. Wikihow has a very detailed and intense article on how to write a haiku poem here ( - however, this is pretty higher level and all we're really concerned about is that you follow the syllable requirement. An example might be:

Sconn is bad at this (5 syllables)
he has problems writing these (7 syllables)
this is example (5 syllables)

Write 3 Star Wars (or RS) Related Haikus and post them in this thread on the forums: and you get your two points.

The RS Command Staff readily admits that a haiku competition is kinda silly and stupid - therefore, we expect your entries to be equally silly and stupid.

2) How I joined the RS!

This one is pretty simple. Rather than have another fiction writing activity, we thought we'd throw out something a little more personal. Go to this thread:

Write 500+ words (or a couple of paragraphs) about how you found the RS, why you joined, what you were looking for, or what you remember about first joining. This'll get you two points.


1) Any fiction writing activity is worth a point. This includes mission narratives (which Platform Coordinators will approve) and Fiction writing posts (i.e., Zealot Special Operations; which, by the way, has just recently been given a reboot - go check it out on the RS forums).

2) Any type of multiplayer activity you do with another RSer is worth credit - if you're unsure on how to report, ask myself, Kirghy or Heavy. This includes non-SW games such as playing a game over XBox Live, Playstation Network, the Kaillera Emulator thing ( or anything else you may want to do. Get together and play some card games on Yahoo or the Microsoft Network or whatever, I don't care, just have some fun with each other.

3) Part of the new dry run scoring includes "bonus points" which are not subject to "diminishing returns" scoring, and are awarded based on merit and decision by the RS Executive Staff and Platform Coordinators. So...if you write a really great narrative, or awesome haikus, or maybe your RS joining story is particularly touching, who knows? Maybe it's worth an extra bonus point here or there.

I think that's everything I needed to cover here - but as usual, the point of a dry run is to figure out what's wrong and fix it, so don't be surprised if you find additional updates as the month progresses.

Finally, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself or your friendly neighborhood Fleet Commander.

-Admiral Sienn Sconn
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk - Mon Jan 31 2011, 5:33pm
An issue was found in the XW reporter by 1LT Galicon. Thank you for using the reporter. The issue has been found and resolved. The reporter should be working correctly now.