Rebel Squadrons

In Memory of One of Our Own

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, May 02, 2011
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Members of the Rebel Squadrons -

It is my sad duty to report to you today the loss of one of our own. There's no template for what to say when something like this happens, and no real way to soften the news; so with a heavy heart, I regret to inform you that Second Lieutenant Jila Cosa of Red Squadron is no longer with us.

Lieutenant Cosa was the sister of ADM Castor Efrata-Landis and the aunt of Commander Tá'Ré Djo. During her RS career, she established herself as a prolific fiction writer within Grey Squadron, contributing by writing several narratives during Grey's Tour 5. Beginning with the third battle of tour five, it's easy to see the impact Lieutenant Cosa's writing had on Grey Squadron - in the seven missions that she didn't personally write for, her compatriots thought highly enough of her character to reference her often, and it's clear to even the casual reader that Jila's character in the role of Mission Control was an integral part of Grey Squadron's make up.

"In life it's tough to learn of a loss of a colleague or friend, even more so when it's a family member. Yesterday evening, 5/1/11, I was sad to learn of the loss of one of our RS family members, Jila Cosa. It hit home even more for me being I'm her CO and she was a part of Red Squadron. I may not of known her personally, however in the short time I did I've enjoy our interactions. Although our communications were few, she was a joy to talk to whether on the Squad group or by other means. She was always added to the banter or general silliness on the Squad group, true, in small doses but mostly well timed and placed. Her quick wit and humor always made you laugh. As such I feel this nomination is a fitting way to join her RL family and pay our respects as well as honor her memory. Jila, we salute you and you will be in our thoughts always." - LGN Damon Lightwind, Red Squadron CO, nominating 2LT Cosa for the RS Honorary Membership Medallion

In addition to the RS Honorary Membership Medallion; 2LT Cosa has been posthumously promoted to the rank of Captain by RS High Command and retroactively awarded the Dauntless Combat Citation for her narrative reports during Grey Tour 5.

Here is a listing of the Grey Squadron narratives Captain Cosa personally contributed to in her career, though the entire Tour 5 from Battle 3 onward includes her character. All narratives can be found at

Grey 5.6.00 Grey Without End
Grey 5.5.04 You Can Run
Grey 5.5.03a Requiem
Grey 5.5.03 Rock or Roll!
Grey 5.5.00 Grey Solution
Grey 5.4.04 Buoys Will Be Buoys
Grey 5.4.03 Old Friends?
Grey 5.4.02 Honey, I'm home!
Grey 5.4.01 Eviction Notice
Grey 5.4.00 Grey Retribution
Grey 5.3.04 Past Present!
Grey 5.3.03 Woort Drive
Grey 5.3.02.a Dawn to Dusk
Grey 5.3.02 Grav{e}ity
Grey 5.3.01 Good News?
Grey 5.3.00 Grey Tribulation

I ask that each of you keep Captain Cosa's family in your thoughts and prayers in their time of sorrow.

Yours in H.I.E.R.,
General Kirghy Lommax


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