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RS Scoring Session 2: Electric Boogaloo - New missions, new activities of the month!

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jun 21, 2011
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Okay - so here's the deal!

1 - New Missions - everything's due July 24th, 2011! It's a little more than a month, to account for the 4th of July Holiday in the US. And also for Sconnsday, the 14th of July. All missions are worth 1 SP point!

Of special note is the XvT mission this month, which is MULTIPLAYER - you're not required to play it multiplayer, but if you want to, it's a hell of a lot of fun. Some of you might remember the old Zodiac missions from the RgF - good times, good times.

2 - New activities of the month - Activities of the Month are worth 2 points each for a maximum of 4 points!

This scoring period's activities are:

Fiction - RS Sports! Write up some rules for a fictional SW Sport of your own design (Tauntaun Polo, Rancor Wrestling, etc) or a short story about your character participating in an existing SW fictional sport. Examples of such can be found HERE!!!

All RS Sports Entries should be posted in THIS THREAD ON THE FORUMS!

Competition - "Are you better than Sconn?" In honor of Sconnsday, July 14th, Sconn is taking all challengers in anything that he can play. So...X-Box Live games (He's been playing a lot of Halo: Reach and Magic: The Gathering), or general trivia, RS/SW related...or not. Just email him at SCONNRS@GMAIL.COM to set up a match. FA Michael Raven will act as trivia arbiter, posing questions via email and judging responses. So...come on down, and see...if you're better than Sconn! (Scoring Disclaimer: Because it's impossible to be better than Sconn, you get two points simply for completing the challenge, i.e., participating in and ultimately losing to, Sconn.)

3 - Finally, as a reminder, you can check the scores for session 2 at ANY time at THIS LINK.

4 - Opportunity for Bonus Points: You can earn bonus points for yourself and your squad by doing other things, like helping out the Internet Office, editing the wiki, or taking initiative by doing something...yourself. For example, we need better names for these Scoring Sessions, since it's become apparent to me that they're not going to happen exactly monthly. So...let's see what you've got.

Right then, well, I think that's all I needed to say, so everyone get to your ships, except for those of you challenging me. You can find me in the bar. Preparing for challenges. And issuing challenges of my own, possibly to inanimate objects.

Sconn out!

-ADM Sienn Sconn


FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn - Tue Jun 21 2011, 8:45pm