Rebel Squadrons


By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: Command Staff
General Announcement, Sep 16, 2011
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I stumbled across this webste,

Contained in there are images of star wars ships and fighters. Mostly imperial in nature, but still. We have been given permission to use these images in whatever form we'd like provided a link back and credit is given. Plus we can't use these for profit, but really that's ok. We don't make a profit here anyway. :)

I'm already totally jacking the assault gunboat so we can finally have that as a personal ship. :)

Anyway, just thought I would let you all know. :)


BGN Hermus Dogan - Fri Sep 16 2011, 8:13pm
Nice. Very nice. Could use some of these on the wiki for OOB purposes and such, if any ships are missing images. Or at least for some variety, different angles, etc.

Been a while since I browsed through there, though. But it's a thought.
FA Joshua Hawkins - Sat Sep 17 2011, 12:29pm
Currently used are the ISD, scimitar, and gunboat. It will be very slow before you are able to customize them. so if you are using them, just click the "use default" box.
BGN Ray Djo - Sat Sep 24 2011, 8:54pm
WooooHoooo!!!! I cant wait to take a look!!!!
GEN Daryus Zalyn`Cya - Wed Sep 28 2011, 12:01pm
Lots of nice 3d work. Too bad not much for us rebels to fly in though...
2LT Foofah - Sat Oct 01 2011, 10:20am
He should make some rebel ships though, these look great!
CPT FBK - Sat Oct 01 2011, 7:04pm
Whoah! where can i donwload those images as wallpaper?
Good job Joshua, and for sure many working hours and headaches.

Thank you for sharing it to us.