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Rebel Squadrons Newsletter 9/22/11

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Sep 23, 2011
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Rebel Squadrons Newsletter 9-22-2011

Session 3 Results:
Platform-Specific Awards

Renegade Cup:
The winner of the Renegade Cup completed the XvT mission with a Mission Complete score of 35, 876, just over 3k over the nearest competition is ADM Licah Fox! Congratulations, Licah!

Intrepid Cup:
Ok, this got better after Heavy fixed the mission. In a stunning display of skill (along with a much welcomed appearance), BGN Richo wins the Intrepid Cup with an MC score of 12,256 followed by LCM Jay Forerunner with 10,060. Congratulations, Richo!

Patriot Cup:
The race for the Patriot Cup turned into a last-minute decision as ADM Tyrell “Spokes” Borran edged out last session's winner, CPT Hermus Dogan, with an MC score of 65,566 to take the win. FYI for you newer folks, Spokes still has skills for an old man in case you hadn't already noticed. Congratulations, Spokes!

Retribution Cup:
Ah, but the young guns strike back in TIE with CPT Hermus Dogan pulling ahead of LGN Damon Lightwind with an MC score of 22,895 to take home the Retribution Cup. Congratulations, Hermus!

Righteous Indignation Cup:
Time to announce the winner of the Righteous Indignation Cup, and I had a feeling this guy would show up sometime. The winner of the RIC with an MC score of 2,107 is none other than 1LT Jarik Nyine. Congratulations, Jarik!

Allegiance Cup:
This session's Allegiance Cup goes to a guy that's been around the club for a little while and doesn't get much attention. Well, that changes today. The winner of the AC is none other than LCL Nicolai Ginofev. Congratulations, Nico!

Aurora Cup:
For overall fiction, it looks like we've got a repeat on our hands for this session's Aurora Cup. For the second consecutive session, the winner of the Aurora Cup is LCL Brig Dolaree. Congratulations, Brig!

Redemption Cup:
The Redemption Cup is award for platforms not covered by the other platform-specific awards. In another surprising turn, there are TWO winners this time around. For superior performance in the Super Mario Cart activity, the Redemption Cup is awarded to FA Kaz Falcion and 1LT Z Antilles. Congratulations to both of you!

Ok, that finishes off the platform-specific medals. Now for the club medals.

Mission Report Medal:
The July Mission Report Medal is awarded to…..COL Naes Draw for his RS 309A: Supply Raid narrative. Congratulations, Naes!

RS Top Gun (Single Player):
For earning a combined total of 7.8 SP points in his very first set of missions, I hereby award the RS Top Gun for Single Player activity to 1LT Jarik Nyine. Congratulations, Jarik, and welcome to the RS!

RS Top Gun (Multiplayer):
For earning a total of 27 in MP points, I hereby award the RS Top Gun for Multiplayer activity to CPT Hermus Dogan. Congratulations, Hermus!

RS Top Squadron:
I have to admit that I didn't expect this result for Top Squadron, but I'll take it anyway. With a total of 44.8 points, the RS Top Squadron is Red Squadron! Congratulations, Reds! Drinks are on you!

Now, while some of the mission results may not have gone as some may have hoped, nobody is sad when people get promotions and medals (aka ‘shineys’). So here are a few for everyone’s enjoyment. I’ll begin with promotions. Please note that this will not be inclusive of everyone I *think* should be promoted but will instead consist of those that may only be promoted by the FC or XO, have earned promotion through exceptional service to the club as a whole, or are the CO of their Squadron. For those that should be promoted at the Squadron level, I will forward my recommendation to their immediate CO.

Commander Ta’Re Djo: Ray, over the past year you have worked tirelessly in the Academy to help our cadets get into action quicker, whether it be through your own personal intervention or the intervention of your skilled staff. We’ve seen the fruits of your labors with new blood that is already stepping up to help with medals, the RS wiki, and fearlessly voicing ideas to the RS leadership. In addition to this, your continued activity as a member of Red Squadron provides an example for all RS members to follow. In recognition of your service and devotion to both Red and to the RS, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations, Ray!

Lieutenant Colonel Nicolai Ginofev: Nico, over the past couple of years, you have been a very active force in our simming community. During this time, you’ve not only acted as a participant, but as an Assistant Game Master as well, trying to better our simming through your own campaigns. As a result of this continuous devotion to service, I hereby promote you to the rank of full Colonel. Congratulations, Nico!

Lieutenant Colonel Adam Meiter: Adam, where do I begin? You had an excellent run as CO of Red Dragon Squadron. As CO, you worked to keep RDS competitive not just through words, but through your actions and example. You’ve stepped in to the role of Medals Officer and gone to work on a project to get our medal images updated. You’ve also worked on new Academy medals for each platforms’ Undergraduate divisions. Your eagerness to make the RS a better place however you can is an example that all can follow. As a result of this and more, I hereby promote you to the rank of full Colonel. Congratulations, Adam!

Lieutenant General Damon Lightwind: Damon, not only have you served in exemplary fashion as Red CO, you have served as Asst. PC for X-Wing and TIE Fighter, Recruiting Officer, an instructor in the Academy, and as a generally concerned member of this club. You are steady as a rock, unflinching when dealing with matters of importance at all levels. On more than one occasion, I have found your counsel to be a vital resource in my own decision making. Yet for all of this, you manage to go largely overlooked, though not tonight. For your service and devotion to the RS on such a level as to make you a key member of this club, I hereby promote you to the rank of full General. Congratulations, Damon!

Now that promotions are out of the way, I think it’s time to get on with the shineys!

1LT Mia Stormchaser, for your work on the Platform-specific Undergraduate medals, I hereby award you with a Merit Commendation. Congratulations, Mia!

LCL Ta’Re Djo, for your work in the Academy with seeing to the instruction and mentorship of the new members under your care, I award you with the Burdine Cluster. Congratulations, Ray!

Colonel Adam Meiter, you have served as CO for Red Dragon for some time. While you other RS responsibilities and RL obligations have forced you to relinquish that position, the impact you made upon it is undeniable. While your time as CO is at an end, your legacy will continue on. For proving an example for future RDS COs to follow, I hereby award you the Distinguished Service Cross. Congratulations, Adam!

Admiral Sienn Sconn, I’ve had the pleasure of having you for my XO for over 16 months. During that time you were my trusted right hand. You served a sounding board for my thoughts, generated many thoughts of your own, took an active role in the Reorganization, and did your best to keep my hand steady as we moved forward. On top of this, you also continued to serve our simmers by continuing to serve as GM, running sims of your own. Throughout your many years of service, you’ve been in command of units at every level from Squadron CO through Fleet CO. You have served as a consistent voice on HC, even serving as FC in 2009. On a personal note, you have been my friend. Sconn, for your devoted years of service to the Rebel Squadrons, I present you with the Tatooine Suns. Congratulations, Sconn!

Admiral Licah Fox is a very unique entity in the RS. Since I can’t think of a Star Wars analogy for what he is, I’ll have to borrow one from Star Trek instead. There, Montgomery Scott (“Scotty”) was known as a ‘miracle worker’. Well, it is my opinion that Licah is our ‘miracle worker’. Nothing appears too big for him to solve. He’s done a wonderful job as IO. He was the only person willing to at least make an attempt to be the OO. He has constantly presented new ideas for the club leadership to consider. Over the years, Licah has served in most of the positions available in the RS from Squadron level to the FC’s chair. I could continue this list, but we don’t have all night. He has certainly exceeded “going above and beyond the call of duty” in any sense of the phrase. The contributions that Licah has made to this club will last for many years to come. Licah, thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do. It is with great pride that I present you with the Excellency of Service award. This is the most prestigious award that the Rebel Squadrons can bestow upon one of its members and is awarded on extremely rare occasions (less than once a year). Thank you, Licah, and congratulations! “:)

RS News:

Over the past 3 weeks, I have been reviewing applications to fill the RSXO spot vacated by ADM Sconn. After much deliberation, I have appointed Lieutenant Colonel Ta’Re Djo as the new RSXO. Ray brings a love and enthusiasm for this club as well as a vast history of leadership in various positions to the XO position. Ray, congratulations, and the drinks are on you. May God have mercy on your soul.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the forums lately, the RS now has a guild set up for the upcoming Star Wars MMO The Old Republic. If you will be playing TOR and wish to join the RS guild, please visit to sign up. At this time, our guild leader is ADM Joshua Hawkins. Once you sign up at the above website, please let Josh know you have signed up and what your in game name is so that he can approve your application.

That’s all I have for tonight. Until next time, thank you, and good night.

GEN Kirghy Lommax


BGN Hermus Dogan - Fri Sep 23 2011, 12:58am
An impressive number of promotions and awards this time around. Congratulations, recipients!
1LT Jarik Nyine - Fri Sep 23 2011, 5:54am
Congratulations to all the members that, awarded or not, have been active and worked for RS during this last period, and congratulations to all medal and promotion recipients!
MGN Adam Mieter - Fri Sep 23 2011, 9:37pm
Way to go, everyone! Congratulations, and keep up the good work, RSers!
LJG Ruaidhri Koun - Mon Sep 26 2011, 2:16am
Congratulations everyone!