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Operations Office is Open for Applications

By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Basic Announcement, Oct 27, 2011
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Somehow, this post got lost. As such, I am reposting it with a couple extra comments:

Licah has resigned from Operations Officer. This leaves the spot open.

For those of you that dont know, the Operations Office is tasked with supervising the RS' presence in multiplayer competitions as well as keeping track of participation in said competitions.

If you would like to apply, please email your application/resume to

Thanks and have a great day!


-Lieutenant Colonel Tá'Ré Djo
Academy CO


Red Squadron XO

My first change: hold onto your applications for now until our new FC is appointed.

My second change: the above description is not all-inclusive of the position.

My third change: for those wanting to submit an application, and since we have a couple weeks before we will have an FC, that gives you plenty of time to draft up what you plan to do with the Office.


RA David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
RS SO, or something.


BGN Ray Djo - Thu Oct 27 2011, 7:55pm
Format Fail, Heavy. XD
ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk - Thu Oct 27 2011, 7:57pm
Not anymore, >:]
ADM Kirghy Lommax - Mon Oct 31 2011, 10:56pm
Actually, that job description should probably be amended unless the next FC decides to go back to that. The role of the OO is supposed to be that of Primary Event Coordinator for all RS activities, SP or MP. Just sayin'.
FA Joshua Hawkins - Tue Nov 01 2011, 7:48am
I'm still not convinced this should even be up until the FC elections are over. It'll only cause confusion. Plus Kirgs is right, that is the old definition, the OO is now technically overseer of the Platform coordinators as well.
ADM Kirghy Lommax - Tue Nov 01 2011, 1:38pm
Nothing wrong with this being up and prepping the people who may be interested in the position. Once a new FC is elected, there *should* be people already prepared to apply.
FA Joshua Hawkins - Tue Nov 01 2011, 2:19pm
and if the new FC doesn't want/need an OO then everyone who applied gets pissed off and wonders why it was posted if there wasn't going to be a spot.

Course that's assuming people apply.
ADM Kirghy Lommax - Tue Nov 01 2011, 10:59pm
All I have to say to that is, based on personal experience, any FC that doesn't want an OO is probably a nutjob and shouldn't be anywhere near the FC position. But that's just my opinion.