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By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Nov 19, 2011
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Let me get right into it.

Logistics officer
The LO is in charge of the RS's main fiction and RSWide story line that missions will follow. You need to be able to multitask and divide up tasks. Have a project minded attitude and love tinkering with things. You will also be responsible for the current timeline and moving it forward. The LO is also responsible for cataloging what ships were used in each mission and which ones were lost. Then applying that for future missions. It's a tough job, you WILL need help. Right now I'm looking for someone to lead that office.

Operations office:

Activities officer
You're sole job is coming up with the activities. Be it activity of the month, inter squad competitions, or trying to assemble an interclub event. You'll be responsible for coordination and scoring of said activities. You will be pretty much on your own, but you will be updating the Operations officer periodically.

Ministry of Propaganda:
Looking for anyone who is into making videos or knows how/wants to do a podcast. We need folks good with the interwebz to try and get tools going for our use to get our presence out there. I'm not looking for a set number of folks here, so if you want to help and have the skillz or are eager to learn the skillz on your own to help us, please let me know.

I'm sure there will be more in the future, but that will be it for now. If you have a great idea for the RS, please by all means send it to me or to HC, we always enjoy new ideas.


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