Rebel Squadrons

Red Dragon Squadron Newsletter Nov 20, 2011

By COL Brig Dolaree
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, Nov 20, 2011
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1.0 Introduction

Scoring Session 4 is on going, and here is the latest news updates for the Red Dragons.

2.0 Roster Changes

Kimi is now the XO for the squadron. There have been no changes to the roster since Foofah joined up
3.0 Activity

RDS is currently in third place for Scoring Session 4. The last day to report in for this session is Nov 30. We have had 3 pilots report in so far this session for a 42.9% active pilot reporting rate. We have 7 active pilots and 1 pilot out on LOA. I will be reporting in over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Come out and make a mark by reporting in, we may not win the point total, but we can still show we are one of the most active squadrons out there.

4.0 Promotions

Some good news to report in, Josh fixed the promotions page so now I am able to promote everyone I am allowed to promote!

First up, 1 LT Quinal step forward,

Kimi, I’ve had two members contact me about all you have been doing for the RS recommending your promotion. You have also completed the Beginners Path and have now stepped up to be my XO. Congrats, Drinks are on you.

Congrats Capt Quinal!

Maj Boom, step forward,

Jelf, your activity since returning to active duty has been outstanding and this promotion is overdue. Thanks for all you do. Congrats, drinks are on you!

Congrats LCM Boom.

5.0 Medals

I have nominated the following pilots for medals and was just informed that they have been awarded by Adm Hawkins. First up I want to recognize LCM Jelf Boom who was nominated for a Merit Commendation.

Jelf, I just wanted to recognize you for flying all 5 SP missions for RS scoring sessions 2 and 3. Thank you for setting an example for all members to be active each scoring session. Congrats, Drinks are on you!

Second up, I want to recognize Capt Kimiao Quinal, who has been nominated for the Dagger of Courage.


As I said, I've had two members drop me a line recommending you for promotion. Adm Hawkins states that:

"Kimiao has a been a huge help around the TOR guild, he's agreed to be our PR person and help Cody with twitter info when we get going. He's already started working on that, plus everything he does with the RPG folks on IRC. He's a tremendous help everywhere he can be."

Col Mieter states that:
I'd like to nominate 1st. Lt. Kimiao Quinal for promotion. He is constantly active in the Simming section, he recently started finishing the BP, and stayed active even though his Hotmail account marked all RDS emails as spam and thought the whole squad is dead.

For all this, I feel that you have demonstrated making significant contributions to both the squadron as well as the RS.

6.0 Other business.

Capt Quinal is conducting an AWOL check for the squadron, if you haven’t already reported in, drop him a line by Saturday 26th November 2011 12 noon eastern time.

Don’t forget, the squadron activity this month is to fly historical missions, a medal is to be awarded for most missions flown. You can also earn a medal nomination for flying 10 or more historical missions for participating in this challenge.

7.0 Closing

That wraps it up for this edition. Get out there and Fry up some Impies!



MGN Adam Mieter - Sun Nov 20 2011, 6:12pm
Congratulations to the newly promoted! I'm looking forward to get two mugs of Lomin beer down at the bar and grill! ;)