Rebel Squadrons

Red Dragon December 2011 Newsletter

By COL Brig Dolaree
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, Dec 03, 2011
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RDS Newsletter, December 3, 2011.

1.0 Introduction

All the news that’s fit to print, here is the December edition of the RDS newsletter.

2.0 Roster Changes

We have just concluded our AWOL check last week. Foofah failed to report in and his email was changed indicating he was not coming back, so he was removed from the roster. 2LT Max Apes has failed to report in, I hope he is not lost, and will find his way back to us, but pending that, he is now marked AWOL and has until December 10 to report in to me or he will be removed from the squadron.

3.0 Activity

The current scoring session has been extended, and RDS has 100% reporting among active pilots and has moved into 2cd place in the squadron standings behind Gold. If you have not had an opportunity to do so, you can still submit mission reports until December 10. Mission narratives have until December 17 to be turned in, and there are high hopes the next mission (s) will be issued to start scoring session 5 on December 18.

As you know, the squadron activity of the month has been to fly historical missions. Those who have taken up the challenge were Kimiao, Adam and myself. Final standings are Kimiao taking 1st place with 26 historical missions, Adam in second with 19, and I finished in third with only 10.

I am proud of all of your activity. You all have been doing well reporting in and participating. We are up from an 80% active reporting rate in session 3, and had 100% active reporting in session 2. We have been maintaining second place standings in the previous two scoring sessions. Excellent job all.

4.0 Promotions

There are no promotions to announce at this time.                                                

5.0 Medals

As announced, those who participated in the squadron activity of the month are eligible for presentation of medals. Though I have stated that all pilots who achieve at least 10 historical reports are eligible, I have chosen to not nominate myself for any medal. I do plan on participating and competing in any and all squad activities to see how I am doing. That being said, the following medal nominations have been made and approved:

Capt Kimiao Quinal, front and center: Kimiao, for winning the October RDS activity of the month with an impressive 26 historical reports, I hereby nominate you for the Citation of Victory. Congrats, and drinks are on you at the cantina.

Col Adam Mieter, front and center: Adam, for participating in the October RDS Activity of the month by racking up an impressive 18 historical reports, I hereby nominate you for the Merit Commendation. Congrats and as by tradition, drinks are on you at the cantina.

But wait, there’s more,

In honor of 5 years of active service, I hereby nominate you for your 5 year service medal. Congrats Adam.

MGN Max Cal, I have been reviewing pilot records and you appear due to get your 8 year service medal. I know you have been LOA the past few months, 8 years is a milestone and I hope you return to active duty soon. Congrats

6.0 Other business –

December and Scoring session 5 squadron activities.

We will be conducting two squadron activities for December and into scoring session 5. You will earn activity points by participating.

The activities are:

RDS December 2011 Activity of the month: name the newsletter
Red Dragon Squadrons December 2011 activity of the month. Submit your ideas to name the RDS newsletter. You will receive one point for each submission. You have until December 31 to submit your names. You can submit multiple newsletter names in one post. Please number each name submission. You will receive 1 activity point for each submission. Newsletter name submissions can be submitted for all to see in the following forum thread:

Red Dragon Squadron Scoring Session 5 Activity:

This scoring session, let us turn our focus to another area of the RS that seems to be showing some signs of life. Fiction writing. First up, you will receive an activity point by writing a qualifying narrative for any active SP mission during the scoring session. A narrative needs to be at least 500 words to currently qualify for a submission in this activity. If you happen to be missing a platform, you can still submit a narrative for the mission. In addition, I will award a 1-bonus point for every extra 300 words written in your narratives. I will be using Word to get a total word count on each submission.

In addition, in honor of the release of Star Wars, the Old republic, you can earn activity points for making fictional submissions giving the back story/biography for any character you wish to play in this game. You will have to use one of the available in game classes as the basis for your character. Give the back/story biography for your character and his entry into the game world. You will receive the points for any TOR character submission. (500 words gives 2 points, every 300-word continuation will give 2 points as well).

Final bonus points for this activity: There are two medals awarded in the RS in regards to fiction writing during a scoring session. They are the Aurora Cup and The RS Mission Report Medal. You will receive 5 bonus points for being awarded either medal during scoring session 5.

The TOR fictional submission can be submitted in the following thread:

Rewards: I will add the combined score together for the December activity and RDS Scoring session 5 activities. If your score is greater than 20, I will consider a nomination for an appropriate commendation medal.

7.0 Closing

That wraps it up for this edition. Get out there and Fry up some Impies!



BGN Hermus Dogan - Sat Dec 03 2011, 8:13pm
Congrats, award recipients! Well flown.

RDS' activity during this session has been impressive. Keep it up!
MGN Adam Mieter - Sun Dec 04 2011, 7:19am
Wooooohooo! Congrats Kimi on your CoV, I'm jealous as kriff! That's a nice shiny :P

Everybody, keep up the awesome work, and make this squadron fly high!