Rebel Squadrons

December's State of the RS Newsletter

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Dec 06, 2011
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RS News:

This might be a long winded and drawn out SotRS newsletter, but I ask you please bear with me and indulge me on this.

I would like to thank the previous Fleet Commander Kirghy Lommax for doing a fantastic job with helping the RS get restructured and re-molded. There is still a lot of work to do, but without the groundwork done, it would be almost impossible.

I would also like to thank members of High Command for their support and dedication to the Rebel Squadrons. They had a very tough decision to make for the next Fleet Commander.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone in the Rebel Squadrons, without you, this great club would not be here. Thank you!

Speaking of the club, there will be some changes over the course of time. We'll be broadening our horizons in the future. With support, we will be working towards a more fictional output of the RS. I would like to see us all get more involved with exploring our characters we've created and actually utilize them more. There are a couple of projects being worked on that will take the fictional side of the Star Wars and bring it to the forefront. We're hoping to have a credit system soon. So you get paid (fictionally of course) for being a member of the Rebel Alliance, as well as bonuses for missions or any other activities.

I would also like to see us transition to being a more in character type of club, instead of just something used for narratives when reporting on missions. I know a lot of you are fantastic writers and are looking for an outlet. We're hoping to get the RS-Wide fictional story line going once again. Until then, there's no reason you can't make a squadron narrative. Start a forum post and have your squad mates write about downtime, or the recent mission, anything really. It's a great way to bond with your squad mates as well as earn them extra points for the leaderboard.

We have a few more projects in the works, but we're always looking for more. This is after all your club, we're here for you. Tell us what you would like to see. If you feel you can lend a hand and help us, tell us that too.

HC News:

High Command is currently discussing the validity of a merit system separate from what we have now. For example, what will this system do, what will it accomplish, etc. They are also reviewing the recently submitted Officer Training School by Brig Dolaree. This new system of instruction will assist new Squad CO's as well as anyone else who wishes to take the course. Bylaw revisions might be needed for the OTS to take effect, thus the discussion of it on HC.

Executive Office News:

Internet office has been maintaining the site for us, fixing the little things that break every so often.

Our Operations officer is adjusting to her new position very well, making sure the Platform coordinators are on schedule for the next release date. Our Platform Coordinators are hard at work making the missions and briefings you love. Be sure to thank them for their hard work by flying early and flying often.

Our recently reestablished Ministry of propaganda is in full swing. They have successfully started a youtube channel, Google+ page, and are working on a podcast. This group of intrepid members will be making lots of noise for us on the internet. There is no current ETA for this podcast, or how often they will be released, but I know the first one is currently being edited as we speak.


To the now retired Primlar Potamus, you came out of retirement to lend a hand to an unstable RS. Your knowledge and leadership abilities help gave stability when it was needed the most. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. It is with great honor that I promote you to the rank of Major General. May you enjoy your retirement, and know that should you wish to return, the doors will always be open to you.

Brig Dolaree step forward please. For your outstanding effort in Red Dragon squadron, as well as your amazing body of work that is the Officer Training School manifesto, it is my honor that you get promoted to full Colonel.

These next two newcomers have been amazing in their activity levels since joining. I've seen them on our mumble server many times utilizing it for they multiplayer activities. Something I hope catches on with the rest of the RS. It is because of this, that it becomes my honor to promote InterlinkKnight and FBK both to the rank of Captain.

Kirghy Lommax your time has come, this should have been done sooner, your time as FC was nothing short of amazing. You helped kicked start the reorg and made the RS a better place. It is a great honor that I promote you to Commodore.

There is one more person who has worked tirelessly for the Rebel Squadrons for years. He's always a constant presence online and he's been helping the RS behind the scenes more than we all know. His contributions are invaluable to us all. Cody, or rather Danny "David lee Japan" Qatar, it is my honor to promote you to full Admiral.

Congratulations everyone! Thank you for helping the RS with everything you do!


BGN Hermus Dogan - Tue Dec 06 2011, 12:19pm
Congrats to all those promoted!
MGN Adam Mieter - Tue Dec 06 2011, 1:06pm
Congratulations, guys, and keep up the good work!