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RS Update - 12/11/11

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Dec 11, 2011
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Greetings all -

Not much to report here, since the FC just recently sent out his State of the RS, but I've got some time while I'm watching football and nursing a hangover, so I thought I'd touch on a couple things going on this week (that aren't related to the early access for TOR starting on 12/13!)

First - the longest scoring session in RS history has finally closed, but we're still accepting narratives up until the 17th, so if you've still got words you'd like to write, make sure to get them in by Saturday. We'll be starting up the next scoring session shortly and I expect results will be released once all the narratives are in. Unofficial results are on the leaderboard right now though!

Second - The RS site informs me that it's Captain Hermus Dogan's birthday. So...birthday shout out to Captain Dogan, drinks are on us. Not that I'll be touching alcohol for some time with the way I feel today.

Third -

There are a couple discussions on HC going on as far as an RS-Wide Merits system, whether it's necessary, if so, how we'd set it up, and what and how merits are earned. If you think it's a good idea, a bad idea, or have an opinion one way or another, we'd sure like to hear it - so feel free to discuss with any member of HC ( or post a comment in the news section.

LCL Brig Dolaree has also brought a revived proposal for an RS Officer Training School to HC - the proposal looks really good and there's been a lot of positive reaction as well as some discussion on improving and revising the proposal.

Finally, the RS has some really cool stuff going on in the world of social media, between the awesome TOR information on our twitter (@rsorg) and Google+ (+Rebel Squadrons) pages to the goofy stuff Cody finds all over the internet that's Star Wars related (like Jabba the Huttcakes) - it's definitely worth signing on and giving us a follow. There's all sorts of cool stuff happening on a daily basis. Recently, something pretty awesome happened when Natalie Villalobos, the community manager for Google+ shared our page with the entire community in her weekly list of cool Google+ pages. There's a great Star Wars community developing on Google+ and it's pretty cool to see some of the breaking TOR and Star Wars news out there.

I'm currently getting my hide handed to me in 2 of my 4 fantasy football matchups this week...I am CRUSHING Mrs. Admiral Sconn in the playoffs of a league we're in together, but that's not really a victory because she's going to be mad when it's all said and done...anyway - I'm going to close this out here, and I'll be back to check in next week sometime.

As usual, feel free to get in touch with anyone, me, Josh, your new OO, Squad CO, or any member of HC if you've got any questions or concerns. Have a good week, and May The Force Be With You!

Admiral Sienn Sconn
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer
Simming/RPG Assistant Platform Coordinator
G+: +Admiral Sconn


FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar - Sun Dec 11 2011, 5:11pm
We're on facebook too....though I'm still figuring out what to do with that....

IMHO, facebook is super stale for growing new communities....but I've got some ideas...
BGN Hermus Dogan - Sun Dec 11 2011, 10:52pm
I'm not sure where I stand on the merit system. It could either be a great idea or a horrible idea, depending on how it's handled. I think the key is to keep it interesting and avoid turning it into unnecessary make-work. I guess I'll discuss it further with an HC member or two on IRC.

Looking forward to seeing how the OTS turns out, too.