Rebel Squadrons

Shatterpoint - an RS Novel!

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jan 21, 2012
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For the last few months, FA Michael Raven, our Simming/RPG Platform Coordinator has been working on a novel set in the universe that the RS's simmers have worked to create over the last 14 years. I've been privileged to assist in the editing process, so...frankly, I've already read it, and I think it's a great effort and a fun read.

Shatterpoint tells a story from the point of view of the Imperial 501st Task Force - an elite organization that has tormented the ABG's simmers for over a decade...

The file with all 50,000+ words (don't let that discourage you...) is uploaded to the RS site here:

DOC version:

PDF version:

Personally, I look forward to being able to read the entire thing in one sitting, without having to edit in chunks! I'm sure Raven would appreciate any feedback or questions you might have; so feel free to get in touch with him.

-Adm. Sienn Sconn
--Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar - Mon Jan 23 2012, 11:20pm
No hypertext link and we're rep'n this in doc form and not pdf? Wow, feels so....1998.... ;-p
BGN Hermus Dogan - Tue Jan 24 2012, 3:17pm
I like it. Suspense, action, even a bit of mystery all mixed together in one enjoyable read. Quite refreshing to see something focused entirely on the Imperial perspective and without those pesky Force-users getting in the way. I hope this is only the first of many such novels.

Well done, Raven!
BGN Naesa Draw - Tue Jan 24 2012, 8:28pm
Not even all the way through, and liking it. Well done!
FA Joshua Hawkins - Wed Jan 25 2012, 9:50am
Added PDF version.