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Gold Squadron Newsletter - Feb. 6th, 2012

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, Feb 06, 2012
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Gold Squadron Newsletter
February 6, 2012

=== CO's Ramble ===

It's been a great session for Gold Squadron. While activity was initially low, these past couple weeks have been quite active. The ABG's resumption of sims has been a big part of that. Kudos to everyone keeping it alive.

In other news, the squadron's session activity (to write fiction) is at an end. I was hoping to see more participation, but that may change in the future. With High Command figuring out some new system for fiction, I'm making fiction writing a permanent squadron activity. I don't know if there will be any specific rules for the system, so for now we'll continue with the rules I outlined for this session. They're listed below, in the Squadron Activity section.

The three fiction entries can be found in this thread on the forum.

Go for the Gold!

- Captain Hermus Dogan

=== Squadron Status ===

Domeno is back on the roster. Ironically, he became active again within a week of my removing him. Nothing else to report for now.

=== Activity ===

Gold was much more active during this session, with 75% of the squadron reporting some sort of activity and accumulating the second most total points. Glad to see the simming side of the RS back in action!

From the leader board:

Anubis - 2 MP points
Domeno - 31.2 MP points
FBK - 4 MP points
Hermus Dogan - 4 MP points, 6 SP points
InterlinkKnight - 4 MP points, 2 SP points
Nicolai Ginofev - 11 MP points

Well done, guys. No word on when the next session starts and ends yet, but it should be soon.

=== Promotions ===

2LT Domeno: with your impressive level of activity this month I am hereby promoting you to First Lieutenant. Congratulations!                                                

=== Medals ===

Colonel Nicolai Ginofev: for writing up two 1000+ word entries for the squadron activity and being the only other participant besides myself, I am hereby nominating you for the Citation of Victory. Congratulations!

=== Squadron Activity ===

There are no special activities lined up for this month, so it's just the usual batch of activities.

Simming - Many of you are already familiar with this.

Flight sims and EaW - The new missions haven't been posted yet, but they'll be in the usual place.

Historical missions - You can always play old missions from the various platforms and report the results for a limited number of activity points. Listing here: and reporting here:

Multiplayer - Play matches of any game you can provide a screenshot of the results for, but at least two members of the RS must participate in the match to qualify.

Fiction - Introduced as a squadron activity in the last session, now a permanent option. Rules are in the section below.

= Fiction Writing =

This is a permanent activity for whenever you feel the inkling. Write about whatever your RS character might be up to. Recent activities, a specific event in the character's life, playing a practical joke on another member, etc. If you're into simming with the ABG you can alternately pick any of the characters you've created for that. Yes, even dead ones. In addition, you can write about the (mis)adventures of your character(s) in SWTOR if you like, or just use the Old Republic setting for a framework.

The fiction must be at least 300 words, but can otherwise be as long as you want. You'll receive a point for each piece of fiction you write (going by the points awarded for my and Nicolai's entries for January by Kirghy). These rules are subject to change whenever High Command gets the new system worked out.

You can post your fiction in this forum section:

=== Closing ===

That's all for now. Go for the Gold!


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