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Scoring Session V Results!

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Feb 12, 2012
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Hi all -

Josh is kind of in and out this weekend dealing with a personal situation; so unfortunately, you're stuck with me this time around. Since the narrative period just ended a few days ago, I feel like I'm almost...kind of on time with this one.

So let's get right into the results and awards specific to Scoring Session V:

The Patriot Cup for X-Wing Top Gun goes to CPT Hermus Dogan of Gold Squadron, who can also stay up to receive the Retribution Cup for also being the Top Gun in TIE Fighter this month.

Likewise, we've got someone else who doubled up, and I'm happy to award the Renegade and Intrepid Cups for XvT and XWA Supremacy to CPT InterlinkKnight, also of Gold Squadron.

Will Gold sweep the gaming cups this month? No! Because LCM Jay Forerunner is going to take home the Righteous Indignation Cup for EaW.

Rounding out our platform cups, the Allegiance Cup for most simming/RPG activity goes to FA Michael Raven, who can actually just go ahead and hang out for a second...

On the recommendation of the Fiction PC, and I agree, the Aurora Cup for most fiction activity also goes to Raven this month for his efforts with the novel Shatterpoint (News post :!) - now Raven can add "award-winning author" to his list of already impressive credentials.

Another award for Fiction, in the form of the RS Mission Report Medal also goes to CPT Hermus Dogan of Gold.

At this point, it really shouldn't be a surprise that the Top Guns for SP and MP respectively for this scoring period will go to Hermus and Raven as well. Congrats!

Finally - RS Top Squad for this scoring period goes to Renegade Squadron.

That concludes the awards for the most recent scoring session. There is no Redemption Cup this time around because I seem to have misplaced it while using it as a Pimp Chalice. We'll try to locate it before the next scoring session.

That said - check back soon, as the gaming platform coordinators have been asked to release new missions for the new scoring session, Session VI: The Sessioning! Session VI will run from today, February 12th, until 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, March 11th, with the usual week period afterwards for narratives to be written and submitted.

The activity of the month for Session VI is The RS's Funniest Home Videos. Okay, not really, but seriously - we're looking for footage for our YouTube page and to fill up our social media. In order to get the points for this month's activity of the month, we'd like either a 2 minute video of you playing a Star Wars game to be uploaded (ask Josh about how to do this...) or for 5 cool screenshots from any Star Wars game (all 5 don't have to come from the same game). Personally, in TOR, there's a big Hutt statue on Nar Shaddaa that looks like he's surrounded by a moat of urine. I call him Pee Hutt and intend to photodocument him from various artistic angles.

There are additional medals and promotions, as well as HC and platform news that I'm going to let the FC address in an upcoming SotRS, which I've just committed him to writing!

That said - thank you for all your activity this month, and go out and get after it for next session!

-Adm. Sienn Sconn
--Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


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