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End of session update

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Mar 17, 2012
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Greetings RS!

The session is over and the numbers are in. Sadly this session showed very little turn out. I'm hoping for a bigger turnout this session though. I know enough rambling, get to the good stuff.

Here are your winners:

Patriot Cup (XW): Hermus
Retribution Cup (TIE): Hermus
Renegade Cup (XvT): Hermus
Intrepid Cup (XWA): Hermus
Righteous Indignation Cup (EAW): Rahm
Redemption Cup: Ray,Phil (tied)

Aurora Cup: Hermus
Allegience Cup: Raven

Mission Report Medal: Hermus

Top Gun SP: Hermus
Top Gun MP: Raven
Top Squad: Gold

Activity of the month was kinda a let down. Hermus was the only one who made a video and took screenshots.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Hermus is the clear cut winner this session. Who is willing to step up and try and dethrone him?

Gold also had more than 75% reporting, so they earned the Top Squad medal. Congrats Gold.

The next session has a small change. For those that like to fly historical missions, you now get awarded for 4 (four) missions, not 2.

The new session will run from March 18th (well today really, but I doubt the missions will be out) until April 22. Giving you all a full 5 weeks to get an activity report in. Hopefully the little extra time will give you all a chance to get some reports in.

Activity of the month. We have an option this time.
Option 1: Since it's spring, Sconn and I thought it would be fun to write about what your squad does for Spring cleaning. Tell us a story of some of the strangest things you've found while cleaning out your squad mates bunks. Must be about 500 words (give or take we know it's a lot)

Option 2: Write a narrative briefing for a mission. You don't need to design/build the mission (though a bonus point if you do, 2 bonus points if it's an EAW mission). But it should be clear what craft you're in and what to expect on the mission, it must also be based on current games we have missions for.

So there you have it everyone, the missions should be released on Sunday, but might be earlier so check back to the site often.

Good luck everyone and have fun!


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