Rebel Squadrons

Blerthmore Medals Ceremony Narrative

By MGN Adam Mieter
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, May 26, 2012
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-= Aboard the ISD Redemption, Ceremony Hall =-

The usually empty and unused ceremony hall of the Redemption was filled with pilots, soldiers, and civilian workers of the Task Force Republic Shield. Of course, the room wasn’t big enough to hold the personnel of the whole fleet, but some officers had to shuttle to the Star Destroyer to participate in this mysterious event. Nobody knew the reason behind this sudden and enormous meeting, and this made some high ranking officers a bit uneasy and upset. The sound of nervous and excited dialogues filled the hall.

At the pulpit, Brigadier General Adam Mieter stood calmly, waiting for the people in the room to cool down. Behind him, sitting behind a long durasteel table, the RS High Command and the Command Staff was waiting as well to get an explanation on what’s about to happen. The nervous expression on Fleet Commander Joshua Hawkins’ face told Mieter that he better start speaking soon.

Facing the crowd and the holocams which transmitted the event to the rest of the fleet, the General cleared his throat to let everyone know they will have an answer to their questions in just a few seconds. The buzz of the room instantly transformed into whispering, and after a little while, complete silence fell on the room. Mieter turned a bit sideways to be able to look at the Fleet Commander.
“Sir, I would like to ask permission to start.”
“Go ahead, General” - came the reply. - “I think I am safe to say that every single officer behind this table is rather… curious of what you have to say.”
A short, annoyed mumbling coming from the direction where Admiral Kaz Falcion was sitting, reinforced the FC’s words.
Adam nodded and faced the crowd again.
“Members of the Rebel Squadrons! I apologize for this unexpected event, and thank you all for coming here in such a short notice, especially the officers who came from other warships in the fleet” - the General took a deep breath, and continued. - “Not so long ago, at least not long ago enough, our Headquarters on the planet Blerthmore came under attack by an unknown Imperial fleet. This vessel, the Redemption, was the only major capital ship present at the time to defend the planet. Most of you certainly remember the chaos that ensued that day; and those new recruits and officers who were not here around that time, should thank the Force that they managed to avoid the greatest massacre in the history of this task force. We lost 41,485 lives that day, along with 16 starships, 2 space stations and hundreds of starfighters. Every single pilot, soldier or technician who fought in that battle and survived, carries the scars of the horrors one way or another. Friendships, marriages and families were broken on 44:2:27, and no leader can bring back the fallen nor heal the wounds.” - he paused for a few seconds as the memories of the destruction and death started to overwhelm him slowly and silently. - “But our duty is to move on, keep fighting, and to honor the memory of the tens of thousands who gave their lives for this division. I was a proud and cocky First Lieutenant when the fighting began, and a calm and careful officer now. Without those hotshot pilots, expert gunners and excellent leaders - some of them are still in service, sitting here in front of me, or behind that grey durasteel table - our losses would’ve been much higher, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be standing here. So, for a day, I ask every single member of this great organization to honor the fallen and promise yourselves not to let their sacrifice turn into nothingness. If you are unfamiliar with the events of that day, go and read about it in the Archives, or hit the simulators and try to save a few more of the best people the universe gave birth to; they all deserve it.”
If possible, the silence was thicker and deeper than before the General started speaking. Hundreds of eyes stared into the past, reflecting the bright light of turbolaser batteries and missile explosions, hundreds of ears heard the sounds of melting steel and the mixed cries of death and frustration. Even those who did not fight that day sat in the room with a sorrowful and understanding expression on their faces. Mieter continued.
“And to honor those who are still with us today, it’s my pleasure to award them the Blerthmore Vigilant’s Medal; wear it proudly… and never forget. Thank you.”

After his speech, the General looked at his datapad, and called the name of every pilot and commando in the room who survived the attack and stayed in service. At the end of the ceremony, as people were leaving the hall, Adam closed his eyes and silently thanked the universe for the second chances in life.


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