Rebel Squadrons

End of session update

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jun 23, 2012
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Greetings RS!

My apologies for not getting this out with the SotRS. I just ran out of time this morning. Anyway, on with the good stuff!

The winners!

Patriot Cup (XW): Hermus
Retribution Cup (TIE): Hermus Dogan
Renegade Cup(XvT): Hermus Dogan
Intrepid Cup(XWA): Hermus Dogan
Righteous Indignation Cup (EAW): Kimiao Quinal
Allegiance: Rhuryc
Mission Report Medal: Hermus Dogan
Aurora Cup: Nicolai Ginofev
Redemption cup: Adam Mieter, Hermus Dogan

Top Gun (SP): Hermus Dogan
Top Gun (MP): Cyrel Vandroth
Top Squad: Renegade

Congrats to you all!

You're activity of the month is a new one. We're thinking of putting in a fiction store, for fictional stuff for your character, profile, whatever. Much like the simmers use to buy their equipment. See: for more details of what I'm talking about.

We would like to setup something similar. Some things will go on your profile as property, others will go to character sheets. Others are just for fun. :)

So it doesn't matter how off the wall your items are (Sith-cicles anyone?), we want you to come up with 5 items and a description for said items that you would see in a star wars shop. Can be real items, black market items, or just random items (Wookie cookies!). Have some fun with it.

Once we get the store up and running we'll populate it with in universe stuff like ships and droids and stuff.. and we'll use your ideas!

This is all fictional stuff, using fictional cash, and all still in the works right now, but we're getting there. Soon™


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