Rebel Squadrons

SotRS / End of Tour - June 2012

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jun 23, 2012
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Mission Building
TOR News

Normally an end of tour celebration is prefaced with a bit of fiction. Sadly this is not the case this time. It has been a year since the reorganization of the Rebel Squadrons happened, and in that time we've seen friends come and go. All the while the RS has kept fighting for it's survival. I would like to express my thanks to each and every one of you who have stuck with us through it all. It is because of you, that the RS is the greatest place to be!

Mission info:
New session has started and will run from 23 June to 29 July givins a little extra time for the 4th of July celebrations in the states. As of this writing the missions are not out yet, but should be expected no later than sunday the 24th of June.

Mission Builders
We are currently looking for mission builders for all platforms for the coming revival of the RS Wide fiction. If you have the ability to make missions, or the desire to learn how to make missions please let us know. We'd like to start the new RS wide fiction with a bunch of missions pre made to help save time, enegy, and prevent burnout from the builders.

Fiction info:
Which brings me to this update of the RS Wide fiction. A few of us are working on a new storyline that takes place AFTER Thrawns campaign ends. If you've noticed the front page, you'll see our in universe date is back. This is temporary until we can sort out an actuall date, but it looks like it might be close. You'll also notice under it, a book that takes place around this time in Star Wars history. There maybe novels here, or comics whatever we can dig up that takes place around the time we're in. This will help you go back and read the current events happening then, as well as give you a rough estimation of where we are in the timeline.

Currently, we have no ETA for the fiction roll out just yet. We're still getting the plot points down. Once we get that set and a basic outline of events, we can send it over to the Logistics folks and break it down into a suitable timeline. After that, we'll break it down further and send the mission builders the info they need. It's a pretty long process, one I'm very excited for. So stay tuned for future updates.

Tor News:
A lot has been happening in the TOR guild. We;ve been moved to a new server and have finally settled into to our new home. The population and lag has increased exponentially. It's nice being able to run heroics with others finally. With that, I've found a way that TOR members can help their squads. Tor Reporters have been made! There's a catch, you have to be in the TOR Guild for this to work. If you are in the guild and you can not access the reporters, please send me an email with your TOR name and I'll get that fixed. For those of you who are just in TOR and not in the main RS squads, feel free to ignore this. It is by no means mandatory. This is just for those of us in the Main RS that want to help out our squads in some way that doesn't involve flying. I'll be sending out more detail on this in a future email.

And now.. the Shinies!


Members of the Rebel Squadrons it is my honor to bestow these medals to you. While there are 105 medals I'll be giving out today, I'm only going to touch on some of them.

It is an honor to bestow upon Damon Lightwind the Yavin Victory Citation, the very first recipient of this prestigious medal. Congrats Damon!

To Hermus Dogan, I award you the New Republic Medal of Honor.For flying multiple missions, writing multiple stories, and having the highest kill count, this medal is well earned.

To Kimiao Quinal, I award the Tour Champion medal. For having the highest combined score througout the tour. Congrats!

To Cyrel Vandroth, and your heroics in a campain against Lord Abbadon, I award you the Flames of Courage medal. Congrats!

To Nicolai Ginovev, on behest of your CO, it is my honor to award you the Alavice Star for your work as a GM, a Simmer, and a writer. Thank you for your hard work and congrats!

To Phil Darkfire, a retiring member of the COJ, I award the Kessel Cup. For your dedication, insight, and cool head under pressure. We thank you.

To Mike bullian, upon your return to the RS, you have been amazing and instumental in a much needed graphics update around the site. Having redon the majority of he Medals and Ribbons to other areas of the RS, is is my honor to award you the Burdine Cluster.

The first promotions all come on the recommendation of FA Michael Raven. For their exemplary service to the simming community and their outstanding work as simmers, GM, and helpers all around. It is my honor to promote Rhuryc to the rank of Colonel, Kimiao Quinal to the rank of lieutenant commander, and Markus Jarnhann tothe rank of lieutenant General. Congrats to you all!

Our next promotion is Mia StormChaser, you have shown constant activity and a willingness to help elsewhere, both in the Logistics office, and in TOR. For that, I promote you to the rank of Major Congrats!


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