Rebel Squadrons

XvT & XWA Platform Newsletter - June 24, 2012

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Jun 24, 2012
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XvT & XWA Platform Newsletter
June 24, 2012

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
X-Wing Alliance
Previous Session Results
The Future
Call for Help

=== Preamble ===

Though a bit long in coming, Session IX has begun! This marks a notable (and long overdue) event for both XvT and XWA platforms: we're getting back into new missions. The long series of retro missions is at an end, hopefully for a long time.

As always, anyone with suggestions or comments for the newsletter (or platforms) may feel free to contact me via the RS site's private message system or through e-mail. Addresses and links can be found on my profile page.

=== X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter ===

Return to Subterrel
XvT 402: Shakedown - due July 29, 2012
Created by ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk and LCM Hermus Dogan.

= Mission Overview =

Thanks to the efforts of our X-Wing pilots in the defense of the repair facility on the edge of the Halas Sector, the latest addition to our fleet is now complete: the Assessor. This Modified Strike Cruiser sports a pair of gravity well generators, offering us an alternative to the familiar Interdictor Cruiser. This design originated during the Airam Conflict, where the first was constructed: M/SC Peregrine. Now it's the Republic Shield's turn to build one.

First on the Assessor's agenda is a shakedown cruise. High Command has selected a small militant base in the Cadrel Expanse as the target for the test run. Intelligence reports suggest this may be the origin point of the hostile forces responsible for the attack on the repair facility.

Escorting the Assessor are the Dreadnaught End of Days and Escort Carrier Squall; the latter is on loan to us from the New Republic. Pilots, it's your duty to defend all three ships against anything the militants might throw at them.

= Mission Details =

Nearly a year after its debut we're continuing Heavy's Return to Subterrel tour. Like the first mission, this one is multiplayer-capable. You can either band together with other RS pilots to complete the mission or fly it solo - your choice.

Due to the multiplayer support in this mission, pilots can pick which of the available craft they wish to fly: A-Wing, B-Wing, or X-Wing. The A- and X-Wings have a standard load of concussion missiles while the B-Wings sport a double load of advanced torpedoes. All craft have chaff available.

Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

=== X-Wing Alliance ===

XWA ATR Sim: Attack Imperial Outpost - due July 29, 2012
Created by 1LT Ace Antilles

= Mission Overview =

All Republic Shield starfighter pilots must participate in simulated missions using the Gamma-class Assault Transport. In the event that transport pilots are unavailable, a starfighter pilot must be prepared to get these heavy assault craft into and back out of a combat zone.

For those of you unfamiliar with these craft, they are somewhat slower than Y-Wings, significantly tougher, and bristling with armaments. The pilot(s) have forward-firing laser and ion cannons (two each) alongside a pair of warhead launchers. Adorning the dorsal, ventral, port, and starboard sides of the craft are laser turrets. These can be controlled by gunners, computer control, or slaved to a forward-firing position for the pilot(s) to use.

Explore the full capability of this craft during the simulation. You may need to know it inside and out in the future.

= Mission Details =

That's right, we've finally got a new XWA mission. This is the first mission built by Ace Antilles, so Kudos to him for stepping up.

As seen in the overview, you're flying something different this time: the Assault Transport. You're packing a double load of advanced torpedoes and an absurd amount of laser power. Remember, make use of a ship's turrets with the F key.

Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

=== Previous Session Results ===

= XvT 312: Final Strike (RgF 111.3) =

We had seven pilots flying this one, scores as follows:

Rank -- Pilot -- Score -- Kills -- Squadron

1. LCM Hermus Dogan -- 41,900 -- 46 -- Gold
2. LCM jelf boom -- 28,816 -- 25 -- Red Dragon
3. ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk -- 22,870 -- 9 -- Renegade
4. BGN Ace Farlander -- 21,660 -- 6 -- Gold
5. MAJ Mia StormChaser -- 19,856 -- 7 -- Dagger
6. COL Naes Draw -- 19,580 -- 7 -- Dagger
7. COL Brig Dolaree -- 16,076 -- 1 -- Red Dragon

Squadron standings:

Rank -- Squadron -- Total Score -- Total Kills -- Total Reports -- Top Pilot

1. Gold -- 63,560 -- 52 -- 2 -- LCM Hermus Dogan
2. Red Dragon -- 44,892 -- 26 -- 2 -- LCM jelf boom
3. Dagger -- 39,436 -- 14 -- 2 -- MAJ Mia StormChaser
4. Renegade -- 22,870 -- 9 -- 1 -- ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk

Full results here:

As promised, the results of the three-mission Final Strike combat tour we saw during the last three sessions. First up, the scores from the original release back in February 2002:

Rank -- Pilot -- Score
1. Xtremegene -- 146,510
2. Kirghy Lommax -- 136,820
3. Licah Fox -- 122,585

And the results from 2012:

Rank -- Pilot -- Score
1. Hermus Dogan -- 115,658
2. Jelf Boom -- 75,791
3. Licah Fox -- 73,672

While none of us reached the old scores, Licah refused to give up the third place slot even a decade later. And he only flew the second mission! Well flown, Fox dude.

= XWA 402: Elornia System Recon (IBG 202) =

Twelve pilots reported for this mission.

Rank -- Pilot -- Score -- Kills -- Squadron

1. LCM Hermus Dogan -- 4,600 -- 13 -- Gold
2. MAJ InterlinkKnight -- 4,173 -- 10 -- Gold
3. RA Kyle Tobarn -- 3,917 -- 14 -- Renegade
4. LCM Jay Forerunner -- 3,891 -- 14 -- Dagger
5. 1LT Ace Antilles -- 2,171 -- 13 -- Gold
6. BGN Adam Mieter -- 2,118 -- 6 -- Red Dragon
7. LCL Tá'Ré Djo -- 1,848 -- 5 -- Red
8. BGN Ace Farlander -- 1,803 -- 2 -- Gold
9. COL Brig Dolaree -- 1,763 -- 4 -- Red Dragon
10. MAJ Mia StormChaser -- 1,671 -- 4 -- Dagger
11. COL Naes Draw -- 1,638 -- 1 -- Dagger
12. CPT Rahm Nyko -- 1,263 -- 0 -- Red

Squadron standings:

Rank -- Squadron -- Total Score -- Total Kills -- Total Reports -- Top Pilot

1. Gold -- 12,747 -- 38 -- 4 -- LCM Hermus Dogan
2. Dagger -- 7,200 -- 19 -- 3 -- LCM Jay Forerunner
3. Renegade -- 3,917 -- 14 -- 1 -- RA Kyle Tobarn
4. Red Dragon -- 3,881 -- 10 -- 2 -- BGN Adam Mieter
5. Red -- 3,111 -- 5 -- 2 -- LCL Tá'Ré Djo

Full results here:

=== The Future ===

In the next session we'll be continuing Return to Subterrel for XvT, while XWA gets a currently undecided new mission. We'll see which is used.

Other ideas are in the works beyond the ITOD missions, but it's too early to announce them yet. Stay tuned!

=== Call for Help ===

Anyone out there willing to help us build missions for either platform should shoot me an e-mail about your interest and include any missions you may have already created. Even if you lack experience, don't hesitate to respond; it's the interest that counts.

AlliED, the XWA mission editor, has no set learning instructions that I've seen, but it can be learned with a little time and motivation - it's easier than you might expect! Having some skill with the editors for XvT or X-Wing is greatly helpful in learning AlliED, as the same author (Troy Dangerfield) built all three of them.

=== Closing ===

That wraps up the newsletter this time around. Missions have been posted in the usual place and are due July 29th. Fly fast and shoot straight!

LCM Hermus Dogan
XvT & XWA Platform Coordinator


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