Rebel Squadrons

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By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Nov 11, 2012
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Greetings RS!

Most of the world celebrates Armistice Day today, and here in the US we have Veteran's day. I would like to thank everyone who has served, or is serving for your country and your freedoms. We wouldn't be here without you. Please take a moment to thank your service men and women and let them know they are appreciated.

To those that serve, to those that gave their all, we thank you!

Now to RS Stuff.

Activity will be slowing up this time of year because of all the holidays, but I still urge you all to at least try and get one report in.

The one off writing mission seems to have slowed up, but is still ongoing. So feel free to jump back into the story.

Flight missions should be released soon. I have been given work that the XWing and TIE mission are all set and ready (Thank you Spokes!), the others should be released soon.

The dates for this session are Nov 10 - Dec 16th. However depending on mission release/holidays I may extend it until next year.

Also of note, that due to the fact I'm tired of undernet's servers being so unstable. I am officially moving the #rs_bar_and_grill to DALnet. All future IRC related activities will be on DALnet as well. There will be a presence in the undernet B&G for those old RSers wanting to drop in and say hello, but mostly that bar will be closed. As it stands the Simmers in #allegience will probably remain on Undernet cause they're stubborn. ;) However, they do have a room all set on DALnet should they decide to move.

Now the awards:
Patriot Cup: Damon Lightwind
Retribution Cup: Damon Lightwind
Renegade Cup: Hermus Dogan
Intrepid Cup: Hermus Dogan
Righteous Indignation Cup: Jelf Boom
Allegiance cup: Rhuryc
Aurora Cup: Castor
Mission Report Medal: Castor

Top Gun (SP): Mia Stormchaser
Top Gun (MP): Michael Raven
Top Squad: Renegade

Merit Commendation: Spokes
For the winning entry in the caption contest. I'll admit the picture wasn't the best for that, sorry.

Congrats to everyone!

Due to the fact I'm lazy and unimaginative there is no Activity of the Month. If you have ideas for one, please feel free to suggest them to me!

Good luck everyone!


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