Rebel Squadrons

XvT & XWA Platform Newsletter - Session XII

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Nov 11, 2012
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XvT & XWA Platform Newsletter
November 11, 2012

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
X-Wing Alliance
Previous Session Results
The Future
Call for Help

=== Preamble ===

Session XII is here and the missions are posted. With the low participation last session I've decided to hold off on releasing the next new XWA mission, particularly since it's still buggy. This month it's a retro mission, Operation Blade 101: A Dangerous Beginning. XvT continues Return to Subterrel with another new mission, Salvage Run.

In other news, Richo has offered to step down as Assistant Platform Coordinator due to his busy real life schedule. More details on this in the Call for Help section.

If you find a bug, please contact me immediately so that it can be fixed! Anyone with suggestions or comments for the newsletter (or platforms) may feel free to contact me via the RS site's private message system or through e-mail. Addresses and links can be found on my profile page.

=== X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter ===

Return to Subterrel
XvT 405: Salvage Run - due December 16
Created by ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk and LCM Hermus Dogan.

= Mission Overview =

As it turns out, the unknown group we encountered in the last mission is part of a nomadic convoy operating within the Subterrel Sector. This is likely the convoy mentioned in some of the Imperial recon reports we collected from the first outpost.

Captain Palaeologus of the End of Days has made formal contact with the group (hereafter referred to as Nomads for the sake of simplicity) on behalf of the RS. For the time being we will not reveal the existence of the Squall and especially not the Assessor in this sector; we don't yet know enough of the Nomads to trust them with such information. That being said, improving relations with them is an opportunity we should take advantage of. Should the Imperials return to Subterrel, local allies would prove useful in helping to contain the threat.

To start forming ties with these people we must explore joint operations, which the Nomads have agreed to. They've actually volunteered the first mission for us to consider - the salvage of a derelict Imperial Nebulon-B Frigate within an asteroid field. While they wanted a quick run through the ship to gather anything worthwhile before blowing it up, Captain Palaeologus managed to convince them to allow us to acquire any data the ship might still contain. Their reluctance is puzzling, but they may simply be cautious.

= Mission Details =

This is the fifth mission of Heavy's Return to Subterrel tour. As with the rest of the tour, this mission is multiplayer-capable. You can either band together with other RS pilots to complete it or fly it solo - your choice.

Due to the multiplayer support in this mission, pilots can pick which of the available craft they wish to fly: A-Wing, X-Wing, or Z-95 Headhunter. The A-Wings and Z-95s have a half load of concussion missiles while the sole X-Wing sports a standard load of proton torpedoes. All craft have chaff, and the X-Wing can alternately take concussion missiles.

Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

=== X-Wing Alliance ===

XWA: Operation Blade 101: A Dangerous Beginning - due December 16
Built by LCM Jerron Koss

= Mission Overview =

Under orders from High Command the IBG is stepping up its operations in this area. In addition to the high pirate activity, Intelligence's sources tell us that an Imperial remnant group may have a base located in this region.

One of our agents on the Garors Base station has made contact with an informant named Broleebi, who is willing to provide us with the location of the Imperial's base... for a price. While our intelligence gatherers are confident they can locate it, Broleebi may give us an opportunity to pinpoint the base before its defenses are fully operational.

For this operation, Corvette Kappa will be sent to the starport to meet with Broleebi and hand over his payment in exchange for the coordinates. While a fully armed blockade runner may seem overkill for such a simple exchange, the starport is rife with pirates, mercenaries and other unsavory characters who may decide to pick a fight. Two A-wings from flight group Red will provide starfighter escort.

After the meeting has been completed, you will receive further instructions from your mission commander.

= Mission Details =

Due to the new mission having an irritating glitch I haven't yet solved, we're going with a retro mission this month. I'm also considering a delay in releasing it until next year, since November and December seem to be less active months. We'll see how it goes.

An A-Wing loaded up with chaff and a standard load of concussion missiles is your only option this time around.

Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

=== Previous Session Results ===

= XvT 404: Intervention =

We had a mere four pilots flying this one, rankings as follows:

Rank -- Pilot -- Squadron

1. LCM Hermus Dogan, Gold
2. ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran, Dagger
3. MAJ Mia Stormchaser, Dagger
4. COL Naes Draw, Dagger

Squadron standings:

Rank -- Squadron -- Total Reports

1. Dagger, 3
2. Gold, 1

Full results here:

= XWA Sim: Smash & Grab =

Six pilots reported for this mission.

Rank -- Pilot -- Squadron

1. LCM Hermus Dogan, Gold
2. ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran, Dagger
3. MAJ InterlinkKnight, Gold
4. MAJ Mia Stormchaser, Dagger
5. COL Naes Draw, Dagger
6. LCL Tá'Ré Djo, Red

Squadron standings:

Rank -- Squadron -- Total Reports

1. Dagger, 3
2. Gold, 2
3. Red, 1

Full results here:

=== The Future ===

In the next session we'll be flying the sixth installment of Return to Subterrel in XvT, while XWA is either a new mission or Operation Blade 102: Early Strike, much-requested as a retro mission by InterlinkKnight.

=== Call for Help ===

I'm in need of someone to step up to take over the Assistant Platform Coordinator slot for XvT and XWA from BGN Richo, who is a busy guy in the real world.

Duties include the approval of mission reports for the two platforms, building and/or testing new missions, helping assemble the regular platform newsletters, updating the platform pages on the wiki and the RS site, and filling in for me if I'm on leave or otherwise unavailable.

Those interested should shoot me an email or private message. Addresses and links can be found on my profile page.

=== Closing ===

That's all for this month's newsletter. Due date for mission reports is December 16. Fly fast and shoot straight!

LCM Hermus Dogan
XvT & XWA Platform Coordinator


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