Rebel Squadrons

Gold Squadron Newsletter - Session XII

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, Nov 15, 2012
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Gold Squadron Newsletter
November 15, 2012

=== CO's Ramble ===

Well, I forgot to send out last session's newsletter and came close to doing the same with this one! Not a good precedent for the final quarter of the year, and rather embarrassing to boot.

In other news, I'll have been Gold's CO for one year on the 28th of this month. Is it just me or has the past year rolled past at light speed?

It's looking to be fairly quiet up through the end of the year, which is only natural. I'm not sure when the next session will begin, so I'll say this now: for those who celebrate any of the approaching holidays this month or next, I hope they're enjoyable!

Go for the Gold!

- LCM Hermus Dogan

=== Squadron Status ===

No roster changes have occurred during the past few months. Gold has ten members.

Nicolai is currently on leave.

=== Activity ===

Four of us reported activity during the last session, netting us fifth place.

From the leader board:

Darth Gumbo - 4.8 MP points
Hermus Dogan - 2 SP points
InterlinkKnight - 1 SP point
Nicolai Ginofev - 2 SP points, 27 MP points

The new session began last weekend, and ends December 16th.

=== Promotions ===

None to report.

=== Medals ===

None to report.

=== Squadron Activity ===

There's no special activity this month, but stay tuned for the next one!


Otherwise, there are the usual batch of activities.

Simming -

Flight sims and EaW -

Historical missions - You can always play old missions from the various platforms and report the results for a limited number of activity points. Listing here: and reporting here:

Multiplayer - Play matches of any game you can provide a screenshot of the results for, but at least two members of the RS must participate in the match to qualify.

Fiction - A permanent option. Rules are in the section below.

= Fiction Writing =

This is a permanent activity for whenever you feel the inkling. Write about whatever your RS character might be up to: recent activities, a specific event in the character's life, playing a practical joke on another member, etc. If you're into simming with the ABG you can alternately pick any of the characters you've created for that. Yes, even dead ones. In addition, you can write about the (mis)adventures of your character(s) in Star Wars: The Old Republic if you like, or just use the Old Republic setting for a framework.

The fiction must be at least 300 words, but can otherwise be as long as you want. You'll receive a point for each piece of fiction you write. These rules are subject to change once the official fiction rules are sorted out.

You can post your fiction in this forum thread:

=== Closing ===

That's all for now. Go for the Gold!


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