Rebel Squadrons

X-Wing and TIE Missions are up!!!!

By GEN Damon Lightwind
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Jan 26, 2013
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Greetings all,

First let me start by apologizing to everyone for the lateness of the of the missions being released. I Allowed myself to be detracted of late RL wise however that is no excuse I let everyone down. Most notably Spokes whom I promised I get them up when the time came. For this I'm truly sorry to which I can and will do better.

Now that I'm done throwing myself under the Sand crawler let's get to the fun stuff. The TIE mission the tour continues and yes as always a copy of the story is in the zip. As for the X-Wing tour Castor's part is done on this side. However Spokes dug out some third party missions for us to fly. They'll be new to us all and a great challenge while we await the wrap up the TIE Tour.

So with that said: TO YOUR SHIPS PILOTS!!!!!

GEN Damon Lightwind
Assistant PC X-Wing/TIE



BGN Naesa Draw - Wed Jan 30 2013, 12:57pm
Ah! Why didn't I get an email? I had no idea we even had missions due till I thought to look. Last email I had, from the 5th said they were coming 'soon'.
GEN Damon Lightwind - Thu Jan 31 2013, 10:47am
Naes like I said it's mainly cause I was the one that got caught napping at my post so to speak. For that again I apologize although I am surpried this post didn't go out to every one or at least the other PC's.
BGN Naesa Draw - Thu Jan 31 2013, 2:53pm
Not upset at you, just general surprise. I'll have to get that done this weekend.
GEN Damon Lightwind - Fri Feb 01 2013, 10:41am
By the way the session has been extended til March 3rd.