Rebel Squadrons

Greetings from your new FC!

By GEN Damon Lightwind
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Feb 22, 2013
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Greetings my Fellow RSers,

First I'd like to thanks the members of HC for the opportunity and honor of being your FC. To say I'm not a little nervous would be a lie because I am. However I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead. As such I'll start off by stepping down from my roles as Chief RO, Asst. PC X-Wing/TIE, RSA New Member section XO/Primary Instructor, and Red's CO.

Effective upon talking with appointing my successor in each area. I feel it's only fair to give others an opportunity to step up. Also to honor the RS tadition as each FC has done before me. Still I'll always have a soft spot for the retention and recruitment of new members. Believe my biggest concerns is those areas and each of you play a part and I see each of you as a dually appointed representive of the RS. I may be your FC but each of you are important if not more so than me. For without you the members at large there is no RS.

So it matters what you are concerned about, your thoughts and Ideas. The RS to me is made up of the most diverse and creative people which again I'm honored to be among you. I've drawn a lot of inspiration from a great many of you. My hope is as your FC I'll fine a way to do so for you as well. This isn't just my story it's all of us as a collective whole. Again we each have a part to play so let start by finding that balance together. It all mattes from the smallest job to the largest. From the newest member to the most veteran member. As such I can't start this journey alone so I'll need to fill some vacancies first it seems.

As you all know by now Sconn stepped down as XO along with Josh. So first I'm going to need an XO and SO as well. We also are in need of a Writing PC as Kirgs has also stepped down. My thanks gentlemen it's going to be hard to fill your shoes. Anyway if you're interested in any of these postions please send me your applications as soon as possible. I'd like to select someone with in the week if not sooner.

GEN Damon Lightwind
RS Fleet Commander


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