Rebel Squadrons

XvT & XWA Platform NL - Session XIV

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Mar 10, 2013
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XvT & XWA Platform Newsletter
March 10, 2013

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
X-Wing Alliance
Previous Session Results
The Future
Call for Help

=== Preamble ===

Session XIV is upon us. Retro missions are already up for both platforms, with the XvT mission something special - it can only be run once! Please read the XvT section below for more details. In addition, I am still seeking someone to fill the Platform XO position. Details are in the Call for Help section.

If you find a bug, please contact me immediately so that it can be fixed! Anyone with suggestions or comments for the newsletter (or platforms) may feel free to contact me via the RS site's private message system or through e-mail. Addresses and links can be found on my profile page.

=== X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter ===

Operation Morning Star 001 - The Verpine Delegation
XvT 314: Operation Morning Star 001 (Aedis 101, substitute for RgF 202) - due April 21
Created by Aedis

= Mission Overview =

This is the first mission of an interactive tour of duty that combines the efforts of the X-Wing Academy, TIE Fighter Academy, and Renegade Fleet. The procedures for flying and reporting on this mission are different than the RgF ITOD, so please continue reading.

You are only allowed to fly this mission once. I repeat -- one time only. The purpose of this is to create a more realistic atmosphere and to better emphasize the "interactivity" of these missions. Therefore, it is expected that there will be a substantial number of failed missions. This is all part of the fun of participating in a story. In order to emphasize this, pilots will not be ranked by the score they achieve on these missions, nor by successes or failures. Your sole motivation for succeeding in a mission is your desire to complete the goals of the Fleet Tactical Command and to thwart the Empire at every opportunity.

= Mission Details =

This is the first of two missions of the Aedis line (I didn't find more), a substitute for RgF 202. We're running it the way it was originally intended: it must be run on Hard difficulty, and it can only be run once. As such, no Renegade Cup will be awarded for this mission.

You'll be flying an X-Wing with a double load of Advanced Missiles.

Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

=== X-Wing Alliance ===

XWA 403: Attacking the Imperial Base (IBG 203) - due April 21
Built by COL Cephisus Balder

= Mission Overview =

Last mission we inspected the new base the Imperials have been building in the Elornia System. Now that it's been completed we're going to celebrate by destroying it. I think we all enjoy this sort of party, so let's get to it.

= Mission Details =

Originally IBG 203. This is a simple base assault mission.

You'll be flying a B-Wing with a half-load of Advanced Missiles and no countermeasures.

Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

=== Previous Session Results ===

= XvT 404: Intervention =

Five pilots flew this one, rankings as follows:

Rank -- Pilot -- Squadron

1. ADM Licah Fox, FireClaw - tied with #2
2. LCM Hermus Dogan, Gold - tied with #1
3. LCL Ta'Re Djo, Red
4. ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran, Dagger
5. LCM Jelf Boom, Red Dragon

Squadron standings:

Rank -- Squadron -- Total Reports

1. FireClaw, 1 - tied with #2
2. Gold, 1 - tied with #1
3. Red, 1
4. Dagger, 1
5. Red Dragon, 1

Full results here:

= XWA: Early Strike (Op Blade 102) =

Five pilots reported for this mission as well.

Rank -- Pilot -- Squadron

1. MAJ InterlinkKnight, Gold
2. LCL Ta'Re Djo, Red
3. COL Naes Draw, Dagger
4. LCM Hermus Dogan, Gold
5. ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran, Dagger

Squadron standings:

Rank -- Squadron -- Total Reports

1. Gold, 2
2. Dagger, 2
3. Red, 1

Full results here:

=== The Future ===

Nothing special in store for the next session at this time. If this changes, a seperate notice will be sent out!

=== Call for Help ===

I'm in need of someone to take over the Assistant Platform Coordinator slot for XvT and XWA from BGN Richo, who is a busy guy in the real world.

Duties include the approval of mission reports for the two platforms, building and/or testing new missions, helping assemble the regular platform newsletters, updating the platform pages on the wiki and the RS site, and filling in for me if I'm ever on leave or otherwise unavailable. Don't worry, it's a pretty simple position to fill.

Those interested should shoot me an email or private message. Addresses and links can be found on my profile page.

=== Closing ===

That's all for this month's newsletter. Due date for mission reports is April 21st. Fly fast and shoot straight!

LCM Hermus Dogan
XvT & XWA Platform Coordinator


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