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A special Recognition and Thank you to one of our veterans!!!

By GEN Damon Lightwind
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Apr 07, 2013
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Greetings all,

First I'd like to apologize for not doing this sooner, however been a bit under the weather the last few weeks. I also needed to do my homework as they say and I come before you this evening to give a special thanks to one of our veteran members. One of whom has not been active in the traditional sense for quite some time. Some of you may know him from his more active roles, to name but a few:

* RSPA founder of Vanguard Fleet [SWG] and brought it to Fleet Status.

*Hosted the Forums for Vanguard personally on his website.

*As a member of the IO, he coded Commando Division's (RSCD) competition system, back at that time also served as her CO as well.

*Former Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer

The person I speak of is none other than RA Patrick Blastfire and the reason I chose to recognize him tonight is his support he's given the RS. To me I feel post service contributions are just as important as the more active ones. They are huge in cases like what Blast has done over the years. Again they may not be active in the literal sense, however their support is felt.

Even in his post-RS service - if you can really consider it as such, because he is still silently dedicated to the RS. He's continued to offer his support in a number of ways whether it's been sharing his thoughts on HC at times, helping the IO in some way, or financially at times. Most notably the recent server transfer he is now hosting the RS site, on his personal server. This has helped us to cut our costs and is huge as it allows us to continue with great hope.

Knowing how to show our thanks for this and all the support he's given was the question I had to answer. To find the best way to do so I turned to HC and members of the IO. As well as those who know him far better than me, with all of those I asked I found they spoke highly of him. To which I believe I've found such a way to show just that and I feel starting with a quote from our IO, whom in my opinion put it best:

ADM Licah Fox:

"I'd also support a promotion for sure, he's only RA. In terms of RS activity recently he's only done SWG, but he was huge in that: providing the official RS SWG forums on his old website, and probably lots in game. He also has provided honest and good commentary on HC topics, and has followed up on some of those with off-list emails, for example to me trying to help find good server solutions a while ago, before we did the current one.

He hasn't been active in gaming per se (or any other "regular" activity) for several years now, but he's decided to remain invested in the RS, and responds to every email quickly and thoughtfully. He's one of the few precious guys that you know is out there and will respond to ideas if you ask them, and as far as hosting goes, he's been nothing but extremely helpful to me in setting up whatever I needed from him. I don't know if we can quite consider him "post service" as he has basically indicated that he wants the right game, and then he'll participate in the RS again fully. But in the meantime he's provided great support from a variety of angles."

Blast, with all that you have done for us it's hard to really put in to words; however we really appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for the RS. To which on behalf of HC, the RS as a whole as well as myself we thank you. So with that said and for your continued dedication as well as service to the RS it is my honor and privilege to award you the Distinguished Service Cross. Also with the recommendation of Licah, I hereby promote you to the rank of Vice Admiral! Congrats and thank you!!!

Normally the RS tradition would apply here, however in this case: drinks are on us.

GEN Damon Lightwind
RS Fleet Commander


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