Rebel Squadrons

Pazzak Night

By MGN Adam Mieter
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jun 06, 2013
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Hello, everyone,

Just a quick (but kind of late) notice that Pazaak Night will start tonight at 8 PM EST. Anybody is welcome to join, we will be there for a while.

If you don't know what Pazaak is, check out our Wiki page about it here.
If you don't yet have Pazaak Cantina on your computer, you can get it here, or you can simply just join the online client.

We plan this as a recurring event every Thursday, and we will possibly change the time to one more comfortable for members near the GMT timezone.

See you at the table!

Brigadier General Adam Mieter



MGN Adam Mieter - Fri Jun 07 2013, 1:16am
Thanks for Major Gaas, Major Nyko, Colonel Djo and Lieutenant McGrath for being there! It was a blast! See you next week!
GEN Damon Lightwind - Fri Jun 07 2013, 1:25am
Sounds like it because you damn near burnt out my notification chime with all those! Glad you all had fun sorry I could be a part of it but work comes first. Maybe I catch some of you over the weekend.