Rebel Squadrons

XvT & XWA Platform NL - Session XVII

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Jul 29, 2013
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XvT & XWA Platform Newsletter
July 29, 2013

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
X-Wing Alliance
Previous Session Results
The Future
Call for Help

=== Preamble ===

Welcome to Session XVII, and the start of the next tour of duty. After the last session we had the End of Tour event with lots of medals awarded to many different RS members, so congrats to all!

Still looking for someone to fill ye olde Platform XO position. Details are in the Call for Help section.

If you find a bug, please contact me immediately so that it can be fixed! Anyone with suggestions or comments for the newsletter (or platforms) may feel free to contact me via the RS site's private message system or through e-mail. Addresses and links can be found on my profile page.

=== X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter ===

XvT 317: Receiving Cargo (RgF 205) - due August 18th
Created by Wes Belden

= Mission Overview =

After capturing the Pirate's asteroid base we went through the entire station with a fine-toothed comb in search of information on a connection between the pirates and Imperial forces. The Pirate commander had been quite thorough in destroying logs and timetables of meetings with the Imperials. However, he neglected to remove what seems to be a routine cargo supply run which his forces sent the Imperials in exchange for slaves. The cargo itself is to be delivered by another, smaller pirate group. They will be here within the hour. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and they'll leave after giving us the cargo none the wiser. Should they discover our little deception however, we will be forced to destroy them all. Double crossing and back stabbing are not too uncommon in the pirate's line of business, so if it comes to it, the news of one pirate group taking out another won't cause much suspicion.

= Mission Details =

This is a normal mission; fly with the usual rules. Multiplayer not available.

You're flying an A-Wing with no warheads, no countermeasures, and no beam systems.

Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

=== X-Wing Alliance ===

XWA 404: Building a Base in New Trask (IBG 204) - due August 18th
Built by Cephisus Balder

= Mission Overview =

The whole RS fleet is going to move to the New Trask region. We are forced to hyper into an Imperial region before finally jumping to New Trask. This is a dangerous zone and we are not going to move the whole fleet at the same time, which is why we will only move first the freighters and some capital ships. A squadron of A-Wings will escort the convoy. Once in the Imperial region you will hyper to New Trask as soon as possible. Be careful, and may the Force be with you.

= Mission Details =

An A-Wing is your craft for this mission. You have a choice between a standard load of Advanced Concussion Missiles or Proton Torpedoes for warheads and have jamming equipped for the beam system.

Full mission details can be found in the in-game briefing.

=== Previous Session Results ===

= XvT 316: Attack on Exort Base =

Five pilots flew this, rankings as follows:

Rank -- Pilot -- Squadron

1. CMDR Hermus Dogan, Gold
2. BGN Adam Mieter, Red Dragon
3. CMDR Jelf Boom, Red Dragon
4. COL Naes Draw, Dagger
5. ADM Tyrell "Spokes" Borran

Squadron standings:

Rank -- Squadron -- Total Reports

1. Red Dragon, 2
2. Gold, 1
3. Dagger, 2

Full results here:

= XWA: Routine Patrol =

Five made this run.

Rank -- Pilot -- Squadron

1. MAJ InterlinkKnight, Gold
2. CMDR Hermus Dogan, Gold
4. COL Tá'Ré Djo, Red
5. COL Naes Draw, Dagger
6. MGN Adam Mieter, Red Dragon

Squadron standings:

Rank -- Squadron -- Total Reports

1. Gold, 2
2. Red, 1
3. Dagger, 1
4. Red Dragon, 1

Full results here:

=== The Future ===

No special plans for next session at this time, but we'll see. If anyone has a new XvT or XWA mission burning a hole in their hard drive they'd like to share with the RS, let me know!

=== Call for Help ===

I'm in need of someone to take over the Assistant Platform Coordinator slot for XvT and XWA.

Duties include the approval of mission reports for the two platforms, building and/or testing new missions, helping assemble the regular platform newsletters, updating the platform pages on the wiki (this is nearly done), and filling in for me if I'm ever on leave or otherwise unavailable. Don't worry, it's much simpler than it may sound.

Those interested should shoot me an email or private message. Addresses and links can be found on my profile page.

=== Closing ===

That's all for this month's newsletter. Due date for mission reports is August 18th.

CMDR Hermus Dogan
XvT & XWA Platform Coordinator


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