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Gold Squadron Newsletter - August 2013

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, Aug 28, 2013
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Gold Squadron Newsletter
August 28, 2013

=== CO's Ramble ===

Greetings, gents. Since I didn't get the newsletter for last session out while it was on, we've got both last session and the one before packed into this one along with the overdue breakdown of Gold's awards for the End of Tour ceremony that took place in July.

Go for the Gold!

- CMDR Hermus Dogan

=== Squadron Status ===

No changes to report.

Gold currently has ten members.

=== Activity ===

Current session so far:

Hermus Dogan - 2 SP points
InterlinkKnight - 1 SP point

Session ends September 22nd.

Session XVII:

Darth Gumbo - 8 MP points
FBK - 1 SP point
Hermus Dogan - 4.2 SP points, 6 MP points
InterlinkKnight - 1 SP point
Nicolai Ginofev - 10.6 MP points

Session XVI:

Anubis - 12 MP points
Darth Gumbo - 49.2 MP points
Hermus Dogan - 4.8 SP points
InterlinkKnight - 1 SP point
Nicolai Ginofev - 4 SP points, 58.2 MP points

=== Promotions ===

For the End of Tour ceremony a couple sessions ago, three of our own were promoted for their service in the ABG!

Anubis: promoted to Commander
Darth Gumbo: promoted to Commander
Domeno: promoted to Major

Congrats, guys!

=== Medals ===

Members of Gold received a big batch of awards for the End of Tour ceremony, so here they are!

Ace Antilles - Merit Commendation, Tour of Duty Pin, Violet Cluster
Anubis - Endor Victory Citation, Tour of Duty Pin
Darth Gumbo - Alliance Dagger, Tour of Duty Pin
Domeno - Anchorhead Key Citation, Tour of Duty Pin
FBK - Violet Cluster, Tour of Duty Pin
Hermus Dogan - 'Beyond Belief' Medal, Dantooine Key Citation, Tour of Duty Pin, Valiance Combat Citation
InterlinkKnight - Dantooine Key Citation, Heroic Combat Citation, Merit Commendation, Tour of Duty Pin
jcmcgoo - Tour of Duty Pin
Nicolai Ginofev - Dauntless Combat Citation, Endor Victory Citation, Tour of Duty Pin

Lastly, Gold Squadron received the Unit Commendation for the tour. Great work, everyone!

=== Squadron Activity ===

Still no new special activities. If anyone has ideas, be sure to let me know!


Otherwise, there are the usual batch of activities.

Simming -

Flight sims and EaW - No EaW mission has been posted yet, though.

Historical missions - You can always play old missions from the various platforms and report the results. Up to four of them qualify for activity points per session. Listing here: and reporting here:

Multiplayer - Play matches of any game you can provide a screenshot of the results for, but at least two members of the RS must participate in the match to qualify.

Fiction - Rules are in the section below.

= Fiction Writing =

This is a permanent activity for whenever you feel the inkling to write. The only limitation is that it must be Star Wars-related.

- Write about whatever your RS character might be up to: recent activities, a specific event in the character's life, playing a practical joke on another member, etc. If you're into simming with the ABG you can alternately pick any of the characters you've created for that. Yes, even dead ones.
- Exploring beyond the Outer Rim.
- A massive fleet engagement.
- A smuggling run.
- Pirates hijacking a ship.
- A game of Sabacc (or any other SW game).
- Surviving a ship crash.
- Anything else that might inspire you!

The fiction must be at least 300 words, but can otherwise be as long as you want. You'll receive a point for each piece of fiction you write. These rules are subject to change if the official fiction rules are ever sorted out.

You can post your fiction in this forum thread:

=== Closing ===

That's all for now. Go for the Gold!


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