Rebel Squadrons

Session Results - OP1: Recon

By GEN Damon Lightwind
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Sep 29, 2013
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Greetings all,

I start this off by saying the participation was down a bit this past session. However that's to be expected this time of year with folks going back to school and all. The good thing is those studies can only make one better in the end. Much like two of our own stepped up to offer a new way to look at each session. At this time I want to thank both MGM Mieter and ADM Sconn for your input on session naming going forward it inspires me to get back to writing.

Anyway with that covered now the new session is now live so PC's release you're activities at will. Also for our new members I again welcome you all and it's good to see new folks around. The session info is also follows:

OP 2: Dangerous deep cover

Starts today: 29 September2013

End Date: 27 October, 2013

Last Session OP 1: Recon results:

Again I do apologize for the delay and I had to resolve a matter before I could post this. Here are how last sessions awards broke down:

Top Guns:

RS Top Gun SP: ADM Castor Efrata-Landis

RS Top Gun MP: FA Michael Raven

Top Squads:

RS Top Scoring Squadron: Red Dragon

RS Top Participating Squadron: Zealot

Plaform Cup/medals:

RS Patriot Cup: CMDR Hermus Dogan

RS Retribution Cup: ADM Castor Efrata-Landis

RS Intrepid Cup: CPT FBK

RS Redemption Cup(Co-Winners): 2LT Dral Lannar & MGN Adam Mieter

RS Allegiance Cup: FA Michael Raven

RS Aurora Cup: LCL Kimiao Quinal

RS Righteous Indignation Cup: LCL Kimiao Quinal

RS Mission Report Medal: ADM Castor Efrata-Landis

Congrats to you all well done and good luck on this OP!

Recommendations for Promotion:

During and at the end of last session I received two such recommendations and as always if there are any I missed please let me know. As such will the following officers step forward please!

MAJ Rahm Nyko:

Lieutenant General Daryus Zalyn`Cya:

"Rahm has been a consistent presence in the TOR, and as a result, I am promoting him to the position of TOR Guild Leader, and am assuming the XO position. Rahm's dedication to the guild and the club is well known, and I believe that the rank of Lieutenant Commander(LCM)has more then been earned."

By the recommendation above it's an honor to hereby elevate you to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander and wish luck on your new role.....Congrats Rahm!!!

LGN Daryus Zalyn`Cya:

MGN Adam Mieter:

"I would like to nominate Daryus for a promo. He is constantly reporting activity in TOR, being a helpful instructor in the OTS and also an active member in general, one of the few who actually writes emails on HC if there's a discussion. His last promotion was over a year ago, and I think he deserves to be called a full General."

I couldn't agree more and by the recommendation above it's an honor to hereby elevate you to the Rank of Full General.....Congrats Daryus!!!

Also in accordance with RS tradition gentlemen Drinks are on you. ":D

A call for help!

Since becoming your FC I have had one difficultly and that's finding folks to fill holes. To which I'm grateful to some folks for staying in place longer than I had hoped it would take to do so. With that said I'm calling out to all my fellow RS's writers especially to step forward. Or if you feel you can help in any other way no matter what it is please drop me a line. Or if you see COL Djo or GEN Zalyn`Cya let them know as well and my thanks a head of time.

GEN Damon Lightwind
RS Fleet Commander      


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