Rebel Squadrons

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
----------, Dec 18, 2013
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Kotaku's got the basic details:

Kotaku: Star Wars Attack Squadrons

It's free to play, and looks like a 16-player match limit, which, I dunno, sounds like lame compared to what I was used to in SWG, so I have my reservations. The free to play thing also scares me, as it seems like it might be a micro-transaction cash grab. I also worry that it'll just be some kinda arcade-ish thing.

But hey, let's look on the bright side, new Star Wars MP Space Combat!



FA Joshua Hawkins - Wed Dec 18 2013, 11:57am
just makes me miss galaxies space more and more. Seriously, can we get them to take the entire JTL expansion for galaxies and turn that into a stand alone game? Like parts REing, ship customizations, everything. I want it all!

Oh and this looks ok too. :)
BGN Hermus Dogan - Wed Dec 18 2013, 4:14pm
I'll admit that any interest I might have had died at 'free-to-play'. That aside, 16 player limit? I didn't realize we were still living in the 1990s.
FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar - Wed Dec 18 2013, 7:23pm
yeah, 16 players is so depressing....

I mean, it won't be what I enjoyed in SWG, but eh, maybe it's at least SOMETHING
LCM InterlinkKnight - Sat Dec 21 2013, 10:11am
I wonder why all games that are not base on central servers have a 16 players limit. Maybe is a technical limit we still have? But that indicates that the game might not depended on central control server so is more like xwing games in that sense. Is for quick games that can happen on private LAN.

I see the initiative of letting beta players to test this and have some part of the development a good indication might not be an arcade game. With arcade games they mostly don't ask beta players this early. Those beta players will ask for sure a simulator, so they will push for that.

I can't read the future, but I am more optimistic about this. We already have arcade flight games. This don't look like another one, judging by how they ask beta players and because they encourage create a "community of starfighter pilots". Like they are making this for clans that was popular in the xwing days. They know those clans don't use arcade games.

I sing up for the beta, just in case I could get selected.

I suggest all of you that play xwing games sing up too.

Remember, there is no George Lucas on star wars anymore. That is a good thing in this regard.

If still is a failure (arcade crap), at least we try.
BGN Naesa Draw - Thu Jan 02 2014, 5:33pm
I've got my name down, anyway. We'll see how this pans out.
FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar - Mon Jan 06 2014, 1:25pm
F2P certainly worries me