Rebel Squadrons

Seeking a new RSXO

By RA Lamin Zykara
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Mar 13, 2014
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Fleet Admiral Michael Raven was the serving RSXO for the past three months, and presided as acting Fleet Commander during my appointment. Now that my appointment is finalized, Raven has let me know that he's stepping down as RSXO (not to fear, as he will be around as RPG Coordinator and in other executive roles as well).

I'd like to take a moment to thank Raven for serving as the RSXO over these past few months. He's been instrumental in moving new changes forward on the High Command, and he stepped up to lead the club during the transition between Heavy and myself as Fleet Commander. I would present him with an appropriate award, medal, or promotion, in recognition of his service, but there aren't any left that he hasn't already earned during his time as a member of our club. As such, Raven, all I can offer you are my heartfelt thanks on behalf of everyone in the club for everything that you do to support the RS.

With Raven having stepped down, the office of RSXO is vacant. This is the number 2 role in all of the RS and it will entail assisting the RSFC (me) with just about every aspect of running the club. If you are interested in the position, please email me at to let me know and share some of your ideas with me. I'm hoping to select a new RSXO soon, so please send me your emails by March 21, 2014, at 11:59:59PM EDT.

Many thanks! I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in the role.


Commodore Lamin Zykara
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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