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By BGN Ray Djo
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Mar 19, 2014
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Basically, I bought this book a while back, and it has 2500 questions all about Star Wars. I figure if we do a question a day.... it's still going to take like... almost 7 years. hahaha.

Ok. So I don't really care how this gets done. I can either email once a week with 5 -10 questions to an email, or I can email one question a day (hopefully), or - as Cody suggested - make a trivia night on IRC or something. Regardless, I will make a googlegroup email address for us all so that we don't end up spamming everyone that does not want to be involved.

So far these people have all agreed to participate:

GEN Daryus Zalyn`Cya - From Red Dragon Squadron
MAJ Etain Valen Gaas - From Fireclaw Squadron
LCL Jalen Ramz - From Dagger Squadron
LCL Kimiao Quinal - From Red Dragon Squadron
ADM Licah Fox - From Fireclaw Squadron
COM Kirghy Lommax - From FireClaw Squadron

Would anyone else like to be involved? Either email me personally, or reply to this post!

So how do you guys want to do this? I don't care how it gets done as long as we all have some fun doing it!



-COL Ray Djo
Red Squad CO
Academy CO

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