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July 2014 State of the Rebel Squadrons

By RA Lamin Zykara
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jul 01, 2014
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July 1, 2014
State of the Rebel Squadrons

I. Foreword
II. Project Updates
III. Activities and Events
IV. Promotions, Awards, and New Members
V. Conclusion

I. Foreword

June was another busy month for us. We've welcomed a few new members to our ranks, participated in many different activities, and played through the very first X-Wing Miniatures ITOD mission. Welcome to the July 2014 State of the Rebel Squadrons, team!

II. Project Updates

Task Force System: Petition Update - As promised in the last State of the Rebel Squadrons address, we continue to review the petition form (which can be found here). At the moment, no game has achieved a critical mass of interest to form a new Task Force, but we do have some budding interest in Titanfall, Destiny, and War Thunder. As a reminder, be sure to fill out the form to let us gauge interest in adding new games and activities to the club as time goes on.

As a reference, our current Task Force Leaders are: Academy Revamp - Last week, I published to all the Squadron COs the new Academy program, under Fleet Commander Directive 2014-01. The old Beginner's Path is now deprecated and should not be used anymore. The IO will be deactivating it soon. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to refer them to your Squadron CO who can pass any they need onto me. In the future, we'll expand the discussion of the Academy system to include the previously discussed supplemental training, but that will most likely not occur until the fall due to other RS issues.

Merit and Qualification System - Those of you interested in reviewing and commenting on the proposed merit system in discussion may now do so at this link and this link. There is still a lot of mathematical tweaking and leveling that needs to be done on this, and therefore all comments would be helpful. I would like to publicly thank MGN Adam Mieter for providing me the original draft and these images; they were the genesis for this revised version, which was very helpful.

III. Activities and Events

Operation Fabulous Lommax ended June 30, 2014. This operation was notable for the first X-Wing Miniatures ITOD-style mission, which was a big success. X-Wing Miniatures is great fun, and I encourage everyone to get involved - it seems really overwhelming at first, but it's actually pretty easy and you'll find plenty of help during our games. Try it out - it's some of the most fun I've had with my fellow members in a long time! And also, you can watch me run into almost everything (more on that below…)

Operation Urgent Light begins today and will run through July 31, 2014.

Operation Urgent Light Session Details
  • Legacy Platforms
    • New historical missions for X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance are now live. For questions about legacy platforms, please contact Hermus Dogan, Legacy Platform Coordinator.

  • Simming/RPG
    • Drop by #allegiance on DALnet to try out d6 RPGing with our simmers, or to watch what they do. The next session is scheduled for this Saturday, 7/5. Check in #allegiance for an exact time and who is GMing.

    • In addition, for Operation Urgent Light, RS members who have not participated in a sim before will be eligible for 2 bonus points per sim they participate in during July. Members who help a new member get started in simming will be eligible for an equal bonus for helping to create a character sheet for the new simmer and for each sim they attend in July with the member they’re mentoring.

  • Modern Gaming
    • Warframe will continue to be an official activity for July. Those interested in joining in should check out or download it via Steam. You can report missions completed in Warframe using the RS Match Reporting System (Multiplayer Hub Link, left side of your main page). Be sure to include other RSers who completed the match with you, as well as a screenshot of the final mission stats screen.

    • Star Conflict is also available for modern gamers, and can be downloaded through Steam or through the Star Conflict website ( This month, mission reports are accepted for PvP matches in which you win, and score at least one kill. Attach a screenshot of the mission result screen showing total mission kills. Each report earns points toward the Multiplayer Top Gun award!
      • In order to submit a report for Star Conflict, visit the Multiplayer Hub (linked on the left column of the site), select "Matches" by the Star Conflict entry, and then "Report a match". Select the number of RSers involved. If it was a solo mission, select "2", and then select the option "None" for the second pilot. If 2 or more RS pilots participated, it may be necessary to take a second screenshot in order to include all pilots. Also, if usernames in Star Conflict are not the same as one's RS name, please make note of that in the Comments section of the report.

    • Minecraft is up and running on the RS Server. Licah Fox is nominally in charge of it - contact him if you'd like to be added to the RS mailing list. If you can’t get ahold of Licah, please reach out to me if you need assistance with Minecraft.
      • The server is accessible at For July, there are two options for earning points with Minecraft. You can earn one singleplayer point by mining at least five diamonds for the shared supplies. To report, you'll give the five diamonds to me or Licah in-game - schedule a time to get us and we'll make sure to log on. You can also earn multiplayer points for time spent on the server actually playing with each other - time only counts when more than one RS member is logged into the server. Please keep track of your own time, but we'll be trying to figure out a way to peel this from the server logs easily. Until then, you can report this using the RS Multiplayer Hub.

    • The Old Republic reports will be accepted throughout July. Rules for reporting on TOR can be reviewed here.

    • The saga of our X-Wing Miniatures ITOD continues in Operation Urgent Light. Having barely succeeded in fending off an attempt by Howling Akk pirates to capture some vital RS intel, Operation Urgent Light finds our heroes desperately defending RS supply lines from an aggressive superior force...
      • In addition, anyone who has not played X-Wing Miniatures prior to the July scoring session will be eligible for two bonus points (or potentially more for long matches) for each match they play. Members who help new X-Wing Minis players learn the rules or play their first match will also be eligible for an equivalent bonus.
Other Activities

The Operations Office is excited to announce the following events for Operation Urgent Light.

First, Star Wars Trivia will make its debut as an officially supported activity. For the first time ever, our trivia will also be opened up to our social media followers to compete with RS members. The first trivia quiz is open now, and will run until Sunday night, 7/6. This quiz will be a little bit longer than subsequent quizzes to account for the US holiday weekend (‘merica.)

Results will be released when the second quiz goes live on Monday, 7/7. Moving forward, then, we’ll be posting trivia quizzes on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the scoring session.

You can access the first quiz here: RS Trivia Quiz 1

Second, in addition to bonus points for new participants to simming and X-Wing Minis, the Operations Officer is looking for assistance in naming ships in the new, improved RS Order of Battle. Please send your suggestions to Admiral Sconn at If your names get used, you’ll be rewarded an amount of proportionate bonus points (or, potentially a medal, if Sconn really likes it). Who knows what Sconn might like? Is Sconn, the possibilities are endless!

IV. Promotions, Awards, and New Members

To start, I'd like to welcome the following new cadets who joined us in June: Cadet Lalita Invisible (posted to Dagger Squadron), Cadet Bami Tsunami (posting pending), Cadet aZra (posting pending), Cadet Fulliron (posted to Red Squadron), and Cadet Wayne77177 (posted to Red Dragon Squadron). Welcome aboard, cadets!

Next, I'm going to start with the session awards.

To start, I'd like to present a few Citations of Victory for the various session activities. First up, I'd like to present awards for the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and X-Wing: Alliance missions for last session. As I call your name, please step forward to receive your award!

For RS XW Op 11 - Destroy the Faithless, the Citation of Victory goes to Cadet Wayne77177.
For TIE 102 (GDF 102), the Citation of Victory goes to Captain Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance.
For XvT 323: Recovery Op (RgF 211), the Citation of Victory goes to Captain Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance.
For XWA 410: The Shuttle Tru'lak (IBG 301), the Citation of Victory goes to Colonel Kimiao Quinal.

Congratulations to each of you!

While Kimiao is up here, I also wanted to note that he's receiving his 5-Year Service Medal today. Well done, Kimi. Surviving five years with this bunch is definitely worthy of an award. Congratulations!

Next, can I have Colonel Nico Ginofev, front and center! Nico, during the last session you were essential in letting everyone sim, logging 39 GM points and running every sim that was reported during the session. For this, I present you the Citation of Victory! Congratulations, Nico!

Don't go anywhere yet, Nico. Your narrative for X-Wing Miniatures was an excellent write up, and for that I'm pleased to present you with the Mission Report Medal! Congratulations!

Captain Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance, front and center! Gunsmoke's hard work and mix of ITOD missions, historical reports, and narratives placed him solidly in the lead for the singleplayer games this month. Gunsmoke, you've earned the Operation Fabulous Lommax Singleplayer Top Gun Award! Can you pull off a threepeat in Operation Urgent Light? Time will tell. Congratulations!

Colonel Ta'Re Djo, front and center! Ray, your prolific gaming in TOR this month edged out Nico's mix of X-Wing Miniatures and GMing, netting you the Operation Fabulous Lommax Multiplayer Top Gun Award. Well done and congratulations!

Unlike last month, this month's competition for Top Squadron can barely be called a competition at all. With a dominating performance in all categories, the Operation Fabulous Lommax Top Squadron (for both participation AND scoring) is again Red Squadron! Well done, Reds!

A few other promotions and awards are up here. First, can I have First Lieutenant ChristoUS82, front and center! Chris, your continued activity with the X-Wing Minis has earned you another promotion to the rank of Captain. Congratulations!

Next, can I have Colonel Nicolai Ginofev, front and center! Nico has been a constant presence during X-Wing Miniatures matches and has done a ton to help teach the game to new players. In addition, he has been actively keeping the RS Wiki page up to date on this new platform, and has generally been a great asset to all the X-Wing Minis players. In recognition of your service and help establishing this new platform, I'm pleased to present you with the Alvace Star, and to promote you to the grade of Brigadier General. Congratulations, Nico!

Lieutenant Colonel Hermus Dogan, front and center! Hermus is known to most of you as the Legacy Gaming Coordinator, but he is also an avid Minecraft player and contributes to many different RS activities. For your continued service to the club, I am very pleased to promote you to Colonel. Well done, Colonel Dogan!

Fleet Admiral Cody Qel-Droma, front and center! Cody, to quote our Operations Officer: "I wasn't sure how this would work, but Cody had a great idea that this was something we could do and made it work." Your work with X-Wing Miniatures has added a whole new platform to the Rebel Squadrons. It is my great pleasure to present you with the Burdine Cluster, in recognition of your hard work. Congratulations!

In the same vein, Admiral Sconn has nominated several members of the X-Wing Miniatures Task Force for the Valorous Unit Commendation, in recognition of "being part of the X-Wing Miniatures group experiment over Vassal that has culminated in the first successful completion of an RS created X-Wing Minis ITOD." I am pleased to award the Valorous Unit Commendation to the following members: Captain ChristoUS82, Fleet Admiral Cody Qel-Droma, Admiral Sienn Sconn, Brigadier General Nicolai Ginofev, Commodore Kirghy Lommax, Commodore Lamin Zykara, and Admiral Cyrel Vandroth. Congratulations, all!

Can I please have Cadet Wayne77177, front and center? Cadet, we don't normally present new awards to cadets, but your enthusiastic activity levels deserve some recognition. Cadet Wayne77177 joined the fleet June 28th, and since then he's logged 19 (yes, you read it right - nineteen!) historical reports in addition to reporting on the active mission for this session. Cadet Wayne77177, in recognition of your outstanding activity levels as a new member, I'm pleased to present you with a Merit Commendation! Well done, and welcome aboard!

Cadet Wayne77177, stick around here for a moment. I spoke with your CO, Colonel Quinal, and he let me know that you've powered through all of the introductory tasks for new cadets as well. As a result, it's my great pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade! Congratulations!

Finally, I have a note here from Admiral Sconn. "Lamin, congratulations on receiving your second Violet Cluster. Your flying is truly atrocious. Best, Sconn." Along with it, there's a Violet Cluster medal and a citation reading as follows: "Commodore Zykara is hereby awarded the Violet Cluster for self-inflicted wounds suffered through multiple, violent (and the Operations Officer cannot stress this enough - again, SELF-INFLICTED) starfighter and shuttle collisions occurring during Operation Fabulous Lommax. I'd like to take a moment to thank Admiral Sconn for the recognition and give him a head start.

V. Conclusion

June was another solid session for the Rebel Squadrons, and we even welcomed a few new cadets to the mix. Go out there, avoid the summer heat, and have some fun with your fellow RS members in July - make it a good one, and as always, may the Force be with you!

All the best,

Commodore Lamin Zykara
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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