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August 2014 State of the Rebel Squadrons

By RA Lamin Zykara
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Aug 02, 2014
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August 2, 2014
State of the Rebel Squadrons

I. Foreword
II. Personnel and Project Updates
III. Activities and Events
IV. Promotions & Awards
V. Conclusion

I. Foreword

As your Fleet Commander, I feel especially privileged to write this particular State of the Rebel Squadrons address.

I can only imagine that, when RogueLeader first founded the Rebel Squadrons in August 1994, he spent little time considering how the club might look in 2014. Perhaps I'm wrong - if RogueLeader is out there and reading this, feel free to correct me!

Nonetheless, I feel pretty confident in my belief that thoughts of 2014 were far from the minds of our founders back in August 1994. That's why I find myself humbled, and privileged, to celebrate this club's twentieth anniversary with all of you this month. Against all odds, the Rebel Squadrons has stood the test of time, weathered changes that have reshaped all of human society, and remains a place I love and cherish deeply. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an occasion to be celebrated!

For those of you more interested in having your minds blown, just remember that there are now RSers who weren't even born when the club was founded. Let that one boggle your mind!

It is with particular reverence that I approach this month's activities, knowing that I am privileged to join the 21 other individuals who have led this club as Fleet Commander or the even older title of Rebel Squadrons Leader. Some of our leaders served for only months, while others spent years at the very highest level of this club, but all of them have had a hand in shaping the course of the Rebel Squadrons over the past two decades. I feel incredibly humbled to be the officer now charged with leading us as we cross the line into our third decade of existence, and I only can hope to live up to the expectations set by my many predecessors.

I'll close with a toast to all the members and leaders who have gotten us to this point: let's raise a glass to our first twenty years, and may the next twenty be even more successful.

With all that said...on to the rest of the State of the Rebel Squadrons!

II. Personnel and Project Updates

First up, there have been some personnel changes. I have briefed the club on some of these, but others are being announced here for the first time. To start, Fleet Admiral Michael Raven has returned from his Leave of Absence, and has agreed to become the Rebel Squadrons Arbitrator. He is also resuming his duties as the Logistics Officer.

During Fleet Admiral Raven's leave of absence, Admiral Cyrel Vandroth served as Acting RPG Coordinator, while Admiral Joshua Hawkins took Admiral Vandroth's role as an Acting Alderman on High Command. With Admiral Raven's return, Admiral Vandroth has returned to his role as a High Command Alderman.

This brings me to my next change. After a lengthy career in the Internet Office, Admiral Licah Fox has decided to step down from his role as Internet Officer. Licah intends to remain an active member of FireClaw, though he will be taking a Leave of Absence for the time being. I am going to break with the traditional flow of my previous addresses to take a moment to address my friend and colleague, Licah.

Licah, it has been an absolute privilege working with you over the years, during our time together in the Renegade Fleet, on High Command, and now during my tenure as the Fleet Commander. You have contributed to the club in many ways, both as a member of High Command, a Fleet Commanding Officer, and in your most recent role as the Internet Officer. Beyond these accomplishments, however, you have been a steady hand guiding the club toward a better future, no matter your role. You have also become a great friend, and one that has made my life richer.

In light of your distinguished service as the Internet Officer, I am pleased to present you the Distinguished Service Cross, for your "tremendous dedication" to the Internet Office, and indeed to the club at large. In addition, I am presenting you with the High Command Service Medal, in retroactive recognition of your previous status as a voting member of the High Command.

Licah, these are but small tokens of appreciation that I can offer you for a career spent serving the Rebel Squadrons. Thank you for everything you have done, my friend.

With Admiral Fox's departure from the role of Internet Officer, there was only one officer ever in consideration for the job. It gives me great pleasure to formally announce that Admiral Joshua Hawkins will be returning to the role of Internet Officer. Josh, thank you for taking on the thankless role of Internet Officer, and I pledge to break a minimal (but non-zero) amount of the site's infrastructure over the coming months.

In addition to these changes, I am also pleased to announce that Colonel Kimiao Quinal has accepted the role of Minecraft Task Force Leader, and will be coordinating Minecraft activities for the club from now on!

Turning from executive personnel changes, the other big news is the resurrection of Resurrection Squadron! I am pleased to have Resurrection Squadron back in play after a long hiatus, and look forward to seeing what the reformed unit and it's leader, Brigadier General Nicolai Ginofev, can accomplish. I'd also like to take a moment to recognize the distinguished service of the two units that were recently retired, Zealot and Renegade Squadron. As we case their colors for the time being, we do so with respect for legacies that were well-earned on the field of battle.

In addition, here are some updates on other on-going projects and initiatives.

Task Force System: Petition Update - We continue to review the suggestions for new Task Forces on a regular basis. As a reminder, if you want to suggest a new game or activity for the club to support, just use this link to submit a new idea.

After some database reorganization, the Roster now reflects the list of current Task Force Leaders and Executive Staff, at this link. Anyone with questions about any activity should reach out and contact the appropriate Task Force Leader for guidance.

New Member Processing - As a reminder, the recently published Fleet Commander Directive 2014-01 has replaced the previous Academy system and the Beginner's Path. If you notice any references to the old Beginner's Path around the site, please file a support call with the IO.

Rebel Squadrons Code of Conduct - After his appointment as the new Arbitrator, Fleet Admiral Raven undertook a review of the Rebel Squadrons Code of Conduct and has made some revisions. These revisions are now in near-final format and are under my review, as described in the Bylaws. I expect these will be finalized and issued as a Fleet Commander Directive in the next two weeks.

Other Policy Documents - After discussion among some of the senior staff, it has become obvious that the club lacks clear, written guidance for many aspects of our day-to-day operations. I hope to spend some of August writing up guidelines and documents detailing things like proper use of the chain of command and expectations for promotions, as ways of expanding on the barebones guidance provided by the Bylaws. At the same time, we will be undertaking a review and revision of the Operations Manual to bring it up to date with current Rebel Squadrons practices.

Scoring Revisions - As we have undertaken new and on-going scoring sessions, the Operations Officer and I have become aware of anomalies and unclear situations caused by our hodgepodge of documentation surrounding our scoring system. To correct this, we spent a good part of July reviewing all the various scoring rules for different Rebel Squadrons activities, resulting in a new set of consolidated rules. These will be formally published and distributed in the next week, and the August scoring session will proceed under them; some specific changes are outlined below in the Scoring Errata. We will be monitoring the rules going forward and making adjustments as needed, and such changes will always be clearly communicated.

Scoring System Errata (provided by Admiral Sienn Sconn) -
The first of our scoring system updates will go into effect August 1, 2014 and are as follows:

  • The monthly limit for reports on historical ITOD missions has been raised from 5 to 10, until further notice.
  • A wiki page that explains how RS activities are scored will be going up within the next week.
  • Diminishing returns for Single Player activities have been relaxed slightly. As part of this change, due to database coding, prior point totals from some scoring sessions may be affected - all medals and records from those sessions continue to stand.
  • Daily login reports for The Old Republic have been abolished as of August 1, 2014. Login reports for RS points will no longer be accepted as of this date.
  • Scoring for fiction writing in the Zealot Special Operations unit has been established.
  • Warframe scoring has been modified as follows:

    • 1 point for every two (2) match types not otherwise specified in this document.

      • On a go-forward basis, please submit two (2) matches and screenshots for each one (1) report filed on

    • 1 point per every two (2) SURVIVAL matches.

      • Survival matches lasting longer than 20 minutes should be reported as 1 standard match.

    • 1 point per every two (2) DEFENSE matches.

      • Defense matches lasting longer than 20 waves should be reported as 1 standard match.

    • 1 point per every INTERCEPTION match.

  • Matches of Pazaak should now be scored by submitting 3 match screenshots for every 1 report.
  • Minecraft for this session will involve a creative challenge for the membership. To participate, members should log onto the Rebel Squadrons server and build themselves a personal house around the base. The house must be at least 10 blocks wide, 10 blocks long, and 6 blocks tall. Anyone who completes such a house will receive ten SP points for the August session. In addition, the Minecraft Task Force Leader will award three bonus points to the best house, two bonus points to the second-best house, and one bonus point to the third-best house. To qualify for bonus points, the houses must be finished on or before August 29, 2014. in addition, duration points will continue to be awarded for playing in multiplayer with other RSers.

Medals Update (provided by Admiral Sconn) - With the exception of three particular medals, the active medals have been updated and reassigned with the blessing of the Fleet Commander. Many medals in our bloated system were retired or combined with other medals. In addition, there are several medal images floating out there that will be put back into the rotation as new medals if necessary. Many criteria for existing medals were modified to fit better with the club reorganization that began in 2009 and the existing state of our activities today.

Fleet Commander Leave of Absence - As eagle-eyed stalkers of my Rebel Squadrons profile have no doubt noticed, I have marked myself as being on a Semi-LOA through August 15. As I informed High Command, due to an inordinate workload at my job, I will be working extra hours for at least the next few weeks, including doing some Saturdays at work. While I fully intend to remain responsive, I may be less available due to work and real-life complications for the next few weeks. The most important takeaway from this is that any messages sent to me should be CC'ed to the RSXO, Commodore Kirghy Lommax, so that he can handle any urgent issues that may arise. Kirghy and the rest of the senior staff are aware of my situation and know how to reach me for varying levels of urgency, so keeping Kirghy in the loop ensures that there won't be any major delays in issues being resolved.

III. Activities and Events

The big news for the August scoring session is the big news for August in general: it's the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Rebel Squadrons! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have several special "throwback" activities planned for throughout the month. Stay tuned for more details!

IV. Promotions and Awards

In a change from the ordinary, I have no promotions to give out this month. I do have a stack of well-deserved decorations for our membership, though.

First, the session awards from Operation Urgent Light. Can I please have Second Lieutenant Wayne77177, front and center? Wayne, since joining the club, you have demonstrated drive and activity on a level that I've not seen in a long time. Your hard work has netted you three Citations of Victory for Operation Urgent Light: top scores in X-Wing, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance. Congratulations!

Next, Captain Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance, front and center! Gunsmoke, you edged out Wayne to earn the Citation of Victory for TIE Fighter. Well done, and congratulations!

Next, Commodore Kirghy Lommax, front and center! Commodore Lommax, you had the highest overall score for RS Trivia during the last session. It is my pleasure to award you a Citation of Victory for your performance. Congratulations!

Now, on to our Top Guns. In this case, I really ought to just say Top Gun, since the award was earned by a single player. Can I please have Fleet Admiral Michael Raven, front and center? Raven put on an absolutely dominating performance in the Multiplayer category, winning with 213 points to runner up Kimiao Quinal's 183.6. In the Single Player category, though, things were not nearly so lopsided; Raven just barely edged out Kimiao again with a score of 44.4 to Kimi's 43.4. Raven, it's my pleasure to present you with the SP and MP Top Gun Awards for Operation Urgent Light!

Finally, onto the Top Squadron. I would like the members of Red Dragon Squadron to please stand and be recognized. Ladies and gentlemen, Red Dragon Squadron is this month's winner of the Top Squadron Award, with a total score of 365 points. Congratulations, RDS!

Next, I have some combat and achievement awards to present. First up, can I please have Fleet Admiral Raven back up here again? Raven, your X-Wing Miniatures Narrative for Operation Urgent Light has netted you the Mission Report Medal. Congratulations!

Don't go anywhere, Raven, because I have something else for you. Tonight, I'm pleased to award two of our most distinguished combat citations to some dedicated members of the Rebel Squadrons. Could I please have Colonel Kimiao Quinal, front and center?

Colonel Quinal and Fleet Admiral Raven have each distinguished themselves by logging over 200 Warframe matches during Operation Urgent Light. In recognition of this outstanding accomplishment, I hereby award each of you the Cross of Vigilance. Congratulations, gentlemen!

Kimi, I have another award for you, and it is a fairly uncommon award throughout the Republic that is just now starting to appear among the members of Task Force Republic Shield. It is my great pleasure to present you with the Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent. This variant of the Republic's Kalidor Crescent is awarded to members who show tremendous participation in Rebel Squadrons events. During Operation Urgent Light, you flew all legacy ITOD missions, wrote five separate narratives, participated in our Minecraft server, played Warframe, simmed, and played matches of X-Wing Miniatures. In recognition of your outstanding participation in the last session, I am pleased to award you the very first Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent. Congratulations, Kimi!

Next, can I have Brigadier General Nicolai Ginofev, front and center? Nico, the Operations Officer reports to me that you suffered what he's calling "heavy losses" during X-Wing Miniatures operations this last session. Take heart that at least yours were not specifically noted to be "self-inflicted". In light of your stalwart dedication in the face of injury, I am pleased to award you the Violet Cluster. Congratulations!

Finally, I need Lieutenant General Eric Skrevski and Fleet Admiral Cody Qel-Droma, front and center! Cody and Skrev were the leaders of Zealot and Renegade Squadron, respectively, when the decision was made to fold those units into the reborn Resurrection Squadron. I'd like to take a moment to publicly thank both of you for your service as Squadron COs. It is my pleasure to present each of you with the Iridium Spire for your service as Squadron Commanding Officers. Congratulations!

V. Conclusion

Twenty years are behind us now, but I am confident that twenty or even more years lie ahead. As always, thank you for everything you do for the Rebel Squadrons. Until next time, fly fast, shoot straight, and may the Force be with you all.

All the best,

Commodore Lamin Zykara
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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