Rebel Squadrons

9/25 Trivia Quiz over, 9/29 Quiz posted

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Sep 29, 2014
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The 9/29 quiz can be found here.

Perfect scores for the 9/25 quiz: Raven, Galen, Richo, Spokes

9/25 quiz answers:

1. Mon Mothma
2. Darth Vader
3. Moff Jejerrod
4. Endor
5. Bothans
6. Red, although Scarlet and Crimson were also accepted

I was pleased to see a lot of quizzes with 4 and 5 correct this time around. Well done!

Due to the timing of the current quiz, it will be scored as part of next month's session.

RA Kirghy Lommax


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