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10/27 Trivia Quiz over, 11/3 Quiz posted

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Nov 02, 2014
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The 11/3 trivia quiz can be found here.

Perfect Scores for 10/27: Raven, Hermus, CrazyCarl, Gav, and Ray

Please note that I ended the 10/27 quiz on 10/31 and posted those points then, so that quiz was included as a part of October's results.

Answers for 10/27:
1. What word did Han yell after he blasted Vader's wingman during the Battle of Yavin? "Yahoo" Yeehaw was not an accepted answer
2. What was expressly designed for protection against a large-scale assault? The Death Star
3. What was Leia's romantic response when Han asked "Who are you" in Jabba's palace? Someone who loves you.
4. Who was the last to jump down the Death Star's garbage chute? Han Solo
5. Which bipedal member of the strike team was not carried to the Ewok village hanging upside-down from wooden spits? C-3PO
6. What, according to Han Solo, isn't "like dusting crops"? Traveling through hyperspace. I accepted answers about flying through hyperspace or jumping to light speed. I did not accept calculating a hyperspace jump as valid.

RA Kirghy Lommax
Benevolent Trivia Dictator


CMDR Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance - Mon Nov 03 2014, 5:24am
Hmm. Strange. I've watched Return of the Jedi umpteen times and every time I appear to have missed the part where Princess Leia Organa gets carried to the ewok village upside down on wooden spits. LOL