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Gold Squadron Newsletter - November 2014

By BGN Hermus Dogan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, Nov 04, 2014
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Gold Squadron Newsletter
November 4, 2014

=== CO's Ramble ===

The big news this month is an influx of new squadmates. FireClaw Squadron has been merged into Gold, and we've received a new cadet. I'd like to formally welcome the following members into our fold:

CDT The Napping Man
MAJ Etain Valen Gaas
COM Lamin Zykara
RA Kirghy Lommax
ADM Cyrel Vandroth
ADM Licah Fox

Welcome to Gold, gentlemen!

It's Election Day in the US, so it seems fitting that we have a vote of our own underway. The poll to determine whether we remain Gold Squadron or become something different is still rolling for a few more days, so if you haven't cast your vote yet, do so! Friday is the last day to vote.

Go for the Gold!

- Colonel Hermus Dogan

=== Squadron Status ===

Our six new squadmates bring Gold up to eleven members.

=== Activity ===

There's no session for the next month or two in preparation of trying out a new scoring system, but you can still report activities.

=== Medals and Promotions ===

I found Licah is a few Service Medals behind, so I've nominated him for his 13th. Congratulations!

=== Activities ===

Star Wars Trivia - This is a regular deal popping up every few days, so keep an eye on the RS news or watch for the emails if you're on the general RS mailing list.

X-Wing Miniatures - Matches typically occur on Friday evenings (US time), but can still be played any time if you have at least two people ready. There's a page on the wiki detailing how to get started with the game here:

Simming -

Flight sims, Empire at War, and The Old Republic -

Multiplayer - Play matches of any game you can provide a screenshot of the results for, but at least two members of the RS must participate in the match to qualify.

Fiction - Rules are in the section below.

= Fiction Writing =

This is a permanent activity for whenever you feel the inkling to write. The only limitation is that it must be Star Wars-related.

The fiction must be at least 300 words, but can otherwise be as long as you want. You'll receive a point for each piece of fiction you write. These rules are subject to change if the official fiction rules are ever sorted out.

There's no specific forum section for general fiction writing at present, so you can post your fiction in the General forum:

=== Closing ===

That's all for now. Go for the Gold!


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