Rebel Squadrons

New Fleet Commander

By RA Lamin Zykara
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jan 25, 2015
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This evening, High Command concluded its deliberations and selected Admiral Cyrel Vandroth to succeed me as the next Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander. Cyrel will officially become the 23rd Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander on 1 February 2015. Over the next week, he and I will coordinate his upcoming transition; for the time being, please address any traffic relevant to the Fleet Commander to both myself ( and Cyrel ( as well as the XO (

Cyrel, please accept my hearty congratulations! I would also like to thank Colonel Teu Veld for competing for the role of FC. Thanks to everyone who offered comments and questions on the forums and to the voting members of High Command for their contributions to an efficient, but meaningful, selection process.

All the best,

Commodore Lamin Zykara
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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