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February 2015 State of the Rebel Squadrons Addendum

By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
----------, Feb 01, 2015
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February 1st, 2015
State of the Rebel Squadrons - Addendum

I. Introductions
II. Key Announcements
III. Gaming Opportunities
IV. RSXO Needed

I. Introductions
Hello everyone.

For those that do not know me by now, I am Cyrel. Most of you might recognize me as a Senior Game Master in the RPG division or as one of the many names serving on High Command. I can be safely lumped into the category of an ‘old-timer’, as I have been in the club for over a decade having joined back in the hayday of Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. I have spent the majority of the time since then in what is now the RPG division working on our homebrew D6(ish) RPG.

Over the years the RS has become a second family to me. We are a community of individuals from many different walks of life, brought together by our shared appreciation of Star Wars. Here we make acquaintances and friendships that can last for years, even decades. As we move forward into the coming months I look forward to working with you all to keep this club a welcoming place for new recruits and old veterans alike.

II. Key Announcements

First and foremost, we must discuss old business: Lamin Zykara, you’re not done yet.

The Fleet Commander position is without question the most demanding position in the RS, as the attrition rate of this office clearly attest. Even when the club is running smoothly, all too often even minor hiccups end up in the FC’s lap to deal with. There should be no question of our gratitude for your tenure in the big chair and the tremendous effort I know you have put forth for this club. To that end, utilizing my newfound authority, I hereby promote you to the rank of Rear Admiral. Congratulations RA Zykara, and thank you. “:)

Now, onto new business.

This month’s operation session will be a bit lengthy compared to the others as we make the transition to a new scoring regimen. As mentioned in the main SotRS, this session will officially begin 13th, with the official details posted at that time. However, before then, I want to give you all an idea of what to expect.

In the coming weeks, we will see a return of the RS Leaderboard that will focus on reporting any and all multiplayer activity that occurs in the RS. Spend some hours participating in one of the RPG division’s sims? You get credit. Fly a few dogfighting matches with another RSer in XvT? You get credit. Load up Rebellion and battle it out for the galaxy with another RSer? You get credit! The general theme is that any activity you engage in with another RSer will earn you points on the leaderboard over the duration of the session.

This past Operation saw the test drive of a new system pioneered by the outgoing FC: a series of succinct operational goals that every player in the RS had the opportunity to attempt in order to contribute to the ITOD. Each operation, our task force leaders will be setting a series of goals in accordance with their game. Members of the RS will then be able to earn activity points for completing these tasks.

The combination of the multiplayer leaderboard and the mission-driven ITOD will allow us to provide a wide variety of activities for all of us to participate in. Stay tuned to future announcements for more details.

III. Gaming Opportunities
This past month has seen two major developments that everyone should be aware of!

First and foremost, Good Old Games ( has released the bulk of the LucasArts Star Wars game library, including X-wing, Tie Fighter, X-wing vs. Tie Fighter, X-wing Alliance, Rebellion, Dark Forces (I and II), Republic Commando, Galactic Battlegrounds, Rogue Squadron, Knights of the Old Republic (I and II), Starfighter, and Battlefront II. All of which has been packaged to run on Windows 7/8! Essentially all they are missing is Jedi Starfighter, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, and the Force Unleased(s)…. But I would be shocked if they were not forthcoming.

If you haven’t experienced any of these classic titles, now is your chance! Remember, we have a HUGE library of missions available for all of the flight simulator games available in the RS. Suit up pilots!

Secondly, this month we’ve seen a new member join our ranks, CDT Wookieejedi, who has informed us about an exciting mod for the modern(er) flight sim Freespace 2. The mod is called Star Wars: The Original Trilogy! Freespace reportedly has very user-friendly mission building software AND supports multiplayer combat…. So consider this a general call to our pilots! Check out this mod, let us know how it is! ( )

IV. RS Officers needed

RSXO: With the change in command, the RS is in need of a new executive officer. From the April, 2014 Fleet Commander Directive:
“Executive Officer. The Executive Officer is the overall second-in-command of the Rebel Squadrons and assists the Fleet Commander in all of his or her duties. He or she reports directly to the Fleet Commander and supervises all Squadron Commanding Officers (Squadron COs), and is responsible for training, mentoring, and developing each Squadron CO as appropriate.”

If you are a motivated individual that wants to work with our Squadron COs in making sure that our members get recognized for their activity, shoot me an e-mail here: . Be sure to include what YOU want to do to contribute to making the RS a better place to be.

Legacy Gaming Coordinator Hermus will be stepping down from his position as LGC, which means we’ll need someone to take over. Do you have a passion for the older generation of LucasArts games? Maybe you’re interested in making missions? As Legacy Coordinator, you will be responsible for finding and interacting with Task Force leaders who enjoy the rich history of these games in the RS. You’ll also be organizing multiplayer tournaments for the games that still support it (XvT? XWA? EaW(Classic)? Rebellion seems to work with gameranger!) Again, shoot me an e-mail here: .

Trivia Guru With Kirghy stepping down from his position as the master of trivia, we find ourselves lacking a dedicated adept of facts for our trivia sessions. If you are interested in organizing and putting out the RS’s trivia, you can (you guessed it) e-mail me at .

Until next time, safe travels.
Admiral Cyrel Vandroth
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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