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By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Feb 19, 2015
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Greetings RS! This is a reminder that we have a few vacancies in the executive rosters that need filling. If you are interested in one or all of these positions, apply!

RS Fleet Executive Officer Needed!

The RSXO position is still available! Your primary responsibilities would be interacting with the squadron COs in order to gather information on the performance of members in the fleet. This is critical to our operations, as without this information, we cannot properly award activity! If you too feel this is an important function, and would like to be involved in running the club, contact me directly at . Application deadline: February 26th

Legacy Gaming Platform Coordinator Needed!

Love the older Star Wars titles? Willing to work with your task force leaders to create and promote content for everyone to enjoy? Maybe you should be a platform coordinator!

PCs are responsible for making certain ITOD objectives are created for each operation session for all of the task forces in their platform. They have the authority to find and appoint members as task force leaders for specific activities. Each session, platform coordinators have the freedom to set their own ITOD objective for the RS to try and complete. Interested? Contact either myself ( or Operations Officer MGN Ginofev ( to apply.


XvT Task Force Leader Needed!

Get a major kick out of the X-Wing versus Tiefghter game? Really hankering to get an internal tournament or to make some missions? You might be the perfect fit to be the XvT TFL!

Task Force Leaders create the ITOD objective for their game each session and attempt to arrange multiplayer events whenever possible. Additional responsibilities include scoring ITOD reports and checking for accuracy. If interested, contact MGN Ginofev ( to apply.

Freespace 2 SW Mod TFL needed!

Freespace 2 is a slightly more modern flight-sim game that has a pretty sizeable modding community. Specifically, there now exists the Star Wars: The Original Trilogy Mod, a total conversion of the Freespace 2 engine over into something that feels like the big brother of X-Wing Alliance. The game features a reportedly easy to use mission builder, and full multiplayer support for dog-fighting and co-operative mission running.

Does that sound amazing? It sounds pretty amazing to me. If it sounds amazing to you, I want YOU to be the Task Force Leader pioneering this exciting new game. You'll be investigating the mission creation software, arranging some test dogfights to make sure the multiplayer works, and working with the executive staff to create some content for the RS for the following operation session. Contact me directly ( if you're interested.

NEW Taskforce Leaders!

This session we've had two of our own step forward to champion activities for the RS. First up is an old vet willing to TFL a new game: RA Gavin Cantorph Kravis will be taking the position of Commander TFL in the Modern Gaming division! In the next session we'll see Commander as an OFFICIAL ITOD activity, stay tuned.

Secondly, 2LT 'Crazy' Carl has volunteered to fill the role of XWA TFL in the Legacy Gaming platform. We're all looking forward to seeing some new missions for the most advanced of the lucas arts flight sims!

I'd like to personally thank both of you for stepping forward to work for the RS. It is volunteers like yourself that create the content the rest of us get to enjoy. ":)


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