Rebel Squadrons

Staffing Changes

By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, May 19, 2015
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Good evening RS,

I just wanted to keep everyone apprised of a few staffing changes that have happened among the command/executive staff.

First and foremost, 2lt CrazyCarl has agreed to step forward to fill the position of Legacy Gaming Platform Coordinator. In addition to spearheading our legacy mission creation, CC has bravely stepped forward and agreed to work towards breathing some life back into those wayward games.

Come to think of it... CrazyCarl, front and center! 2lt is far too low a rank agreeing to take on such a position. I hereby promote you to First Lieutenant. ":)

For the past session, MGN Nicolai has been serving as Operations Officer, Modern Gaming Platform Coordinator, and Legacy Gaming Platform Coordinator. It has come to our attention that this is a bit much to be asking of one person. Nico will be stepping back to fill only the OO role. I will be filling in as acting MGPC until such time as a replacement steps forward. (Apply now!)

In addition, we're changing TFL's for the World of Tanks division in order to pursue a more competitive style of play in that activity. BGN Kimiao Quinal will now be leading the charge. He had the following to say:

"I've recently taken over the World of Tanks lead.

These are the goals I've set for us as a group to achieve:
To establish ourselves as a large clan known for our banter and teamwork.
To develop existing talent.
To recruit dedicated individuals.
To platoon and have some fun whilst 'pubbing it'.
Most importantly is to enjoy ourselves.

The (old) Rebel Squadrons tank clan will still be available for all members who have no interest in pursuing any additional PVP combat (beyond public matches). However, I would encourage you to join the Republic Shield clan if you do wish to engage in other forms of competition (including Strongholds!). It is also important to stress that there is no WN8/win rate or tank count required for any RS member to join.

To start, I am hoping to begin to slowly recruit and develop the size of the clan. It will be slow, it's hard to recruit more people when you only have a few. People don't like seeing small clans. Once we have a good core group of people, it should become a lot simpler.

There will be details provided for every ITOD regarding the 3 tasks that need to be completed. I will try and dovetail them into things that are going on with the tank clan so that these can be accomplished at the same time as you are running a platoon, or in a 'pub' match.

Any questions or concerns please email me.

To be clear, a new Clan has been created in World of Tanks to promote Stronghold and (EVENTUALLY) Clan Wars based play. I highly encourage anyone that plays World of Tanks to join the new clan. Contact TFL Quinal for details. (This clan is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to participate, even those that have no desire whatsoever to do higher-tier content. According to Kimiao, there's absolutely no reason we can't have as many people as we want in the clan, even if you're low-level/inactive. Make the switch!)


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