Rebel Squadrons

Dagger Squadron monthly, May 2015

By BGN Naesa Draw
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, May 31, 2015
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Dagger Squadron 
Monthly Squadron Report 
– Dented Shield session -

Dagger Squadron CO, Colonel Naesa Draw reporting in.
This session saw my return from an absence admittedly longer than it should have, and I'm ready to return to active duty. The squadron has seen a new cadet graduate into our ranks, and good activity so let's get to it. If I miss anyone during this report, let me know and I'll make a correction.

Session Results

XWA RS-wide Results:

  • Dagger 4:  LCM Jay Forerunner: 1st place at 9,096 pts

  • Dagger 10: BGN Richo: 2nd place at 7,331 pts

  • Dagger 7: LJG Destex: 3st Place at 6,647 pts [Narrative:]

  • Dagger 5: 2LT Ralis Solin: 4nd place at 6,475 pts

  • Dagger 8: 1LT CrazyCarl: 5th place at 6,474 [Narrative:]

  • Dagger CO: COL Naesa Draw: 8th place at 1,1552 pts

  • Dagger XO: CMDR Mia StormChaser: 9th place at 989 pts

Collaborative Narrative for XWA Mission []

  • Dagger SO: BGN Swifty Chapple

  • Dagger 8:  1LT CrazyCarl

  • Dagger CO: COL Naesa Draw

  • Dagger 4:  LCM Jay Forerunner

  • Dagger XO: CMDR Mia StormChaser

Standalone Fiction

  • Dagger CO: COL Naesa Draw: []

Other Activities

  • Dagger 8:  1LT CrazyCarl: 2 standard matches

  • Dagger 7: LJG Destex: 2 standard matches

  • Dagger XO: CMDR Mia StormChaser: 3 historical reports

Total Squadron results for the session

XWA: 1st at 38,534 with 208 kills, seven reports with none other than LCM Jay Forerunner in overall 1st place at 9,096 pts! Well done and keep up the good work!

Other: 4 standard matches and 3 historical reports, not bad either.

Recognition of Active Squad Members

I'd like to recognize First Lieutenant CrazyCarl for his work in creating missions and as well as taking on the Legacy Gaming Platform Coordinator. As Dagger is historically based on the classic flight sims, it's good to see one of our own heading the platform.

As well, I'm glad to announce that my former CO, BGN Richo has made his own return! He's been part of the RS for a while now, but was away for various reasons. Good to have you back.

The entire cast of writers listed above for the collaborative narrative were wonderful and I'm very happy with the results.

I also want to recognize as a group those who have had unavoidable technical or personal situations but have still made sure to at least keep active via in-unit communications, and I plan on making sure each of you are able to contribute in some way or another, which I will discuss shortly.

Medals and Promotions

On that same note, Carl has seen a promotion to First Lieutenant for his endeavors. I expect good work from him in the future, and I doubt he will disappoint.

Destex has recently been promoted to full member of the squadron and has shown herself to be more than able to keep up.

As well, Spokes has hit his 15-year service medal! Your years of participation are an inspiration, and here's to more.

New Members

Destex is a recent arrival from late last year, but has already proven herself as a fine pilot who made 3rd place on her first mission! Well done LJG Destex.

Current Events

I want to make some comments here about the ITOD missions and events that have been seen this session. The Old Republic has seen a fair amount of activity, at least from my outside viewpoint. Although I'll admit seeing Minecraft and WoT in the list was a surprise, at the end of the day it's an added activity for people to participate in and even have the potential to draw prospectives in to branch out into the more traditional activities as well. Minis and Commander are also newer in comparison to our traditional mission options, which especially in the case of minis interests me as a way to have another fighter combat option.

My point here is it's good to see the diversity and I encourage both my squadron and the rest of the RS to take part in the things they can. The classic games have been re-released for a decent price by Good Old Games, and even if you can't manage them, minis should be little problem for anyone who wants to get fighter combat related reports in but can't for tech reasons.


To conclude and not drone on any more than needed, I see Dagger doing well at present and look forward to where we go next.

Fly fast and shoot straight, and do the Republic proud!

Col. Naesa Draw
To The Hilt!!!  


CMDR Yaihi'l Beskar - Sun May 31 2015, 11:21pm
Could I request that Dagger create a mailing list for this sort of thing, rather than broadcasting it to the entire club? I mean, this sort of thing seems like it should be for Dagger eyes only, not for people from other squadrons to see.
BGN Naesa Draw - Tue Jun 02 2015, 2:37pm
Orders from command to post to both the RS mailing list and the news feed. Just doing what I'm told to. It's supposed to be a public "Hey, lookit what we did" sort of thing.
LCL Jay Forerunner - Tue Jun 02 2015, 5:39pm
Either way, this is very, *very*, awesome!