Rebel Squadrons

Dagger Squadron monthly, July 2015

By BGN Naesa Draw
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, Aug 01, 2015
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Dagger Squadron Monthly Squadron Report
– Fallen Ramparts session

Dagger Squadron CO, Colonel Naesa Draw reporting in. This session has been a bit quieter than last, but I’m still pretty happy with our activity. Now, without further ado.
Session Results
Fallen Ramparts
XWA RS-wide results:
Jay: 1st, 8813 []
Destex: 2nd, 7915 []
Ralis: 4th, 6138 []
Carl: 6th, 4057
Mia: 8th, 3620
Naesa: 10th, 2833

Total Squadron Results for the session
We had seven out of ten squadmembers report this session. This also included non-ITOD reports. Very good to see!

Recognition of active squad members
1LT CrazyCarl has graced us XWA playing relics with yet another great mission, which is great to see. Also, our Second Officer, BGN Swifty Chapple has made a return to administrative duties after a period of real life happened. With any luck, a return to mission reports should follow.

Medals and Promotions
Dagger SO Brigadier General Swifty Chapple here! I’ve been sitting here helping Naesa with this report. And in the process, we realized we need to honor Destex! Since she has joined Dagger, she has done nothing but wonderful things. On her first two XWA missions, she managed to score third and second place respectively. We apologize for the mistake made in the promotion itself. She has also written a narrative both times. Destex has been an active force since the moment she came in and I hope she contributes for a long time to come. I’d love to recommend you for Second Lieutenant! Naesa?

Agreed, and with that, and previous conversations, I hereby publicly promote Destex to Second Lieutenant! Drinks are on you, and keep up the good work!

New Members
We haven’t had any new members as of this session. We are however relinquishing our resident cadet back to the newly reformed Academy, so we may be seeing them again soon.

One thing I’d like to comment on, for not only Dagger but also for anyone else reading this on the RS site. When you report a mission/narrative etc, make sure the “CC to squadron” box is checked, unless your squad command staff asks not to. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of who’s done what and how they did on it, for these newsletters.

Fly fast and shoot straight, and do the New Republic proud!

Col. Naesa Draw, Dagger CO
BGN Swifty Chapple, Dagger SO
To The Hilt!!!


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