Rebel Squadrons

August 2015 State of the Rebel Squadrons

By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Aug 02, 2015
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State of the Rebel Squadrons

End of Operation: Hammerfall - Fallen Ramparts

Greetings RS!

Here we are at the end of another operation, and what an operation! These past two months have seen record breaking levels of activity. Not that too long ago, we were plagued with thoughts of how the RS was going to survive, how we were a dying organization. These past two months have shown, without a doubt, that the RS is still here and we are still strong. As such, on behalf of the High Command, I want to say thank you all for your commitment to the Rebel Squadrons and bringing activity back up. Every step in increasing activity is a step in the right direction, so keep at it!

Section One: News and Announcements

New policy regarding cadets:

With the increased focus on intrasquad competition, we felt some clarification was in order in regards to the placement of new members into existing RS squads. As it currently stands, all new members start their RS career in The Academy and remain there until they complete their basic training requirements, earning their first promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. At this point, they may request placement into a specific squad. In general, RS Command will make every effort to accommodate requests to join a specific squad.

RS Command reserves the ability to place academy graduates as it sees fit for the overall health and activity of the Rebel Squadrons. In general, these placements will be done in an attempt to even out the membership and activity levels of our current squads. A new graduate will almost never be placed into a squad that has reached 12 active members, our current desired squad size. In addition, requests to be placed into a specific squadron may be denied if other squadrons desperately need new members. As a reminder, the player may always request a transfer to another squad at a later date.

The policies regarding placement of cadets and squad transfers can be found in the Bylaws and the Fleet Commander Directives.

In addition, there has been a change regarding Leaves of Absences:

  • Once you go LOA you’re stuck till the end of the operation.
  • If you were LOA through the beginning of an operation, you can return to active status.
  • You cannot report or be reported for while on LOA status.
  • LOA is designed to reserve players’ places in squadrons for long-term vacations so that they are not kicked out due to routine AWOL checks (A process that takes two operations, or approximately four months, to happen).

If you have any questions regarding the new LOA policy, please do not hesitate to ask either myself or any other member of the High Command.

Section Two: Session Results

This session saw some record breaking points earned, so without further ado, here are the results:
  • Top Pilot - Leaderboard Activity: FA Michael Raven (499 Points), with honorable mention to CAPT Jaran “Gunsmoke” Farlance (481)
  • Previous Record Broken - Michael Raven: 477 Points, Session VI: The Sessioning (03/2012)
  • Top Pilot - ITOD: FA Michael Raven (24 Points), with honorable mention to MGN Nicolai Ginovef (18)
  • Top Squadron: Resurrection Squadron (1452 Points) with honorable mention to Red Squadron (1157 Points)
  • Previous Record Broken - Renegade Squadron - 1188 Points, Session VI: The Sessioning (03/12)

For those of you interested in seeing the final ITOD scores and what you managed to accomplish this session, you can head on over to the scoring sheet here:

Outstanding work to everyone who participated, because we’ve begun breaking records that were set over two years ago. Keep fighting, and who knows, maybe we can break some more this session!

Section Three: Promotions and Commendations

Because of this amazing level of activity, we have a great deal of awards going out today, so let’s start calling people up!

Fleet Admiral Raven, you’re up first. On top of receiving your well earned Activity Top Gun and ITOD Top Gun awards, you are hereby awarded the Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent Medal for beating the previous personal top score (which incidentally was set by you as well) for the first time in two years. You are also awarded the Dagger of Courage for your outstanding efforts in Strongholds with the Republic Shield clan. To round it off, you also have earned a Merit Commendation for your efforts in the Minecraft server. Outstanding work, Raven, keep it up!

Resurrection Squadron, all of you up here. All of you have earned not only the RS Top Squadron, but for absolutely smashing the previous top score, you are all awarded the Unit Commendation. You’ve all done great work this session, keep it going!

Captain Jaran “Gunsmoke” Farlance, front and center! First of all, for your outstanding efforts, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Major. For also breaking the previous personal top score, you are awarded the Republic Shield Kalidor Crescent Medal. You are also awarded a Merit Commendation medal for your contributions to the Minecraft server. Great work, Major!

Captain Yaihi’l Beskar, you’re up next! For your impressive contributions, you are promoted to the rank of Major. You are also awarded the Combat Citation medal for your outstanding work this session. Additionally, you are also awarded a Merit Commendation for your efforts on the Minecraft server as well. Take a bow, Major, great work!

First Lieutenant CrazyCarl, come on up! Your commitment to the Legacy Platform and X-Wing Alliance Task Force is nothing short of impressive. Despite being probably the first junior officer in a long time to take on such an important task, you have knocked the ball out of the park every time. As such, you are not only promoted to the rank of Captain, but we’re dragging a medal out of retirement specifically to properly reward you. As such, you are awarded the Excellency of Duty medal. Keep it up, you’re doing an excellent job, Captain!

Brigadier General Kimiao Quinal, front and center! Your tireless efforts in promoting activity and continuing to improve Minecraft and World of Tanks have not gone unnoticed. First and foremost, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Major General. Additionally, you are also bestowed the Iridium Spire medal. Your work has been nothing short of outstanding, and you deserve these tokens of appreciation. Great job!

Iron Man! Earlier in the Session, you were awarded the Black Dice Badge for your rather amusing efforts to promote inter-squadron rivalry in only a fashion that we’ve come to expect from someone such as you. Well, we’re adding a Merit Commendation to that for your great work and personal development in World of Tanks. Great work, Stark!

Hermus Dogan and Licah Fox, you both have also been recognized for your efforts in contributing to the Minecraft Server, and as such, you both are being awarded a Merit Commendation. Excellent work, gentlemen.

Eric Skrevski, you’re next! For encouraging activity in Civilization V, as well as being a driving force to promote fiction writing this session, you are hereby awarded the Alvace Star. Good work, Skrev!

Darth Gumbo, for your outstanding activity with Wildcard Squadron, you have been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel! Great job!

Lieutenant JG Destex, for your efforts of hitting the ground running in such a short time, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. Keep it up!

Last but not least, Cadet Silvia Stardust, you also have jumped in right away with activities in the RS, and it would be remiss of us to not recognize that with your first promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Welcome aboard!

Congratulations to each and every one of you for your outstanding efforts! You’ve all made this session truly a record breaker, and we hope to see more like it!

Section Four: AWOLs and Squadron Transfers

If you have not yet familiarized yourself with the latest Fleet Commander Directive regarding AWOLs and Squadron Transfers, please go to: and read over it. This is important to every member of the Rebel Squadrons, and clarifies the policy and procedure regarding inactive players and transfers to other squadrons. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask myself, the RSXO (Colonel Teu Veld), or your squadron commander.

The following members will be marked AWOL for failing to report this last operation:
  • GEN Daryus Zaly’nCya
  • Mofius

The following members will be moved back to the Academy for being AWOL for two operations:
  • Dashnaldo Sunbiter
  • LCM Wayne77177
  • LCL Jelf Boom
  • 2LT Tavon
  • LJG Kernall
  • LJG Riaven
  • CDT Sith Bloodyre-Tarenta

Also, if you wish to request a transfer to another squadron, now is the time to do so! You have until we put out the next mission briefing!

Section Five: Closing Statements

Open staff position: MEDALS OFFICER!
We’re looking for someone who’d like to tackle working on our available medals and commendations to give to our RS members. Ideal applicants should have graphic design skills and be able to replicate the shinies seen at .

Again, and this cannot be stressed enough, a huge congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated and made this session one for the record books (literally!). Your activities and contributions are what make the Rebel Squadrons what it is, and we want to see this place grow and thrive. If you have any ideas for new activities, please feel free to contact the Operations Officer, Major General Nicolai Ginovef. We want to encourage as much activity as we possibly can, and the worst we can say is “No”.

Keep up the fight, pilots!
Admiral Cyrel Vandroth, Fleet Commander
MGN Nicolai Ginofev, Operations Officer


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