Rebel Squadrons

Mid Session Update - "Titan's Dawn"

By MGN Nicolai Ginofev
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Sep 06, 2015
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Greetings RSers, Operations Officer Nico here, to deliver the Mid Session Update for "Titan's Dawn". We're seeing some good activity out there, but there's plenty of time for more. Keep up the fight!

Squadron Ranking

Currently, the top 3 scoring squads are as follows:
  • Resurrection Squadron - 383.9 Points
  • Wildcard Squadron - 186.2 Points
  • Red Dragon Squadron - 47.1 Points

ITOD Score Ranking

The Top 3 ITOD Score Players are as follows:
  • Michael Raven - 13 Points
  • Galen McGrath - 6 Points
  • Licah Fox - 6 Points
  • Lucas Benoit-Stark - 5 Points

(McGrath and Licah are currently tied for 2nd Place, so that's why it's 4 people listed.)

There's still an entire month for it to become anyone's game here, so don't write off who's getting Top Gun and Top Squad just quite yet!

-Keep up the fight!
-Major General Nicolai "Cipher" Ginovef
-RS Operations Officer


MGN Nicolai Ginofev - Sun Sep 06 2015, 11:55am
...also forgive the formatting, I'm not 100% at this yet!
FA Joshua Hawkins - Sun Sep 06 2015, 1:46pm
Fixed. You don't need to use br's just tag the enter key a couple of times. Enter key = New Line. thus the nl2br being checked makes sure everything works right. :)