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October 2015 State of the Rebel Squadrons

By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Oct 04, 2015
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State of the Rebel Squadrons

End of Operation: Hammerfall - Titan’s Dawn

Greetings RS!

We’ve come to the end of Hammerfall - Titan’s Dawn after a relatively slow month in the RS. For those in academia, school has started up again. For others, life has just gotten a little hectic. However, we are still here, we’re still gaming, and we continue to get more and more excited as we draw nearer to the December release date of Episode 7 and the November 17th release of Star Wars Battlefront!

While we wait for those fateful days, the fiction storyline being orchestrated by our own Logistics Officer, FA Michael Raven, continues to play out in our forums and our ITOD missions across the RS. Things are looking grim for the RS’s position in the Outer Rim and we need YOU to help turn the tide. Stay tuned for the next Operation’s schmorgisborg of events and objectives coming out later this week.

Section One: News and Announcements

New Game!
In the past month we’ve seen the release of a new tablet game, Star Wars Uprising! It’s a squad based action RPG that you can play cooperatively with your fellow RSers. Contact ADM Joshua Hawkins or FA Licah Fox for an invite into the RS’s in-game organization.

New Executive Officer
Our RS Executive Officer, Personnel Officer, and Academy CO Teu Veld stepped down from her assigned duties this month, which leaves some rather large gaps in our command staff that need filling as soon as possible. Several members have submitted their applications for the XO position, and after much deliberation, we have chosen a member to fill the roll: CMDR Jaran “Gunsmoke” Farlance!

Staff Vacancies
If you or anyone you know is interested in the positions of Academy CO (greeting and training new recruits) or Personnel Officer (making certain everyone gets their just rewards), please contact me directly at (or find me on IRC) and I’ll be happy to go over the responsibilities of each.

Mission Builders Wanted
We’re constantly in search of new mission builders for our flight sims (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, XvT, even XWA). If you are interested in building missions for any of these platforms, contact the Legacy Platform Coordinator CPT CrazyCarl.

Section Two: Session Results

No new records set this month at either the personal or squad level. Activity across the board was down from last session, but still generally high compared to our not-too-distant past:

  • Top Pilot - Leaderboard Activity: FA Michael Raven (296 Points), with honorable mention to ADM Cyrel Vandroth (223)
  • Top Pilot - ITOD: FA Michael Raven (26 Points), with honorable mention to MAJ Galen McGrath (14 points).
  • Top Squadron: Resurrection Squadron (685 Points) with honorable mention to Wildcard Squadron (318 Points)

For those of you interested in seeing the final ITOD scores and what you managed to accomplish this session, you can head on over to the scoring sheet here:

Section Three: Promotions and Commendations

Fleet Admiral Raven, you’re up first. For the third session running, you have secured the ITOD AND the Activity Top Gun awards. Impressive work! In addition, we hereby award you the Alvace Star for your commendable commitment to World of Tanks in assisting TFL Kimiao and being a regular participant in the RS Clan. Don’t go too far.

Resurrection Squadron, a.k.a. RZA, a.k.a. ‘Rizza’, continues it’s mindboggling winning streak for yet another operation, earning them the RS Top Squadron award. Congratulations!

Lieutenant Commander Jay Forerunner, for your exemplary work acting as unofficial TFL for the new tablet game Star Wars Uprising, Platform Coordinator FA Licah Fox has nominated you for the Kalidor Crescent and suggested your promotion. In addition to the praise given to us by your Squadron CO, we are happy to approve this nomination. Congratulations, Commander Forerunner!

MGN Kimiao Quinal , your work in creating a top 100 clan in World of Tanks under the RS’ flag has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. Platform Coordinator FA Fox has nominated you for the Kessel Kup for sheer excellence in both of your Task Force Leader positions. We wholeheartedly concur, thank you for your service.

It’s commendable when players interact during their gaming experiences, but even more so when they go out of their way to help their fellow RS member. Everyone who donated troops this operation in Star Wars Commander, front and center.

  • RA Lommax, ADM Hawkins and Vandroth, MGN Quinal, and BGN Veld, thank you for your contributions of troops to fellow RS members.
  • MAJ McGrath and ChristoUS82, CMDR Nyko, GEN Zalyn’Cya and Loran, FA Qatar, and MGN Jarnhann are each awarded a Merit Commendation for their significant contributions of troops.
  • FA Fox and Raven, RA Kravis, and BGN Bizegar are hereby awarded the Dagger of Courage for exemplary levels of assistance to fellow RS members by donating 75+ troops in Commander over the course of the operation.

When a new platform comes out, there are always some players who take to it with a vengeance. They end up rapidly progressing through the game and often in so doing share their experience with the rest of the RS. COL Draw, ADM Hawkins, and LCM Forerunner you are hereby awarded a Combat Citation for hitting level 30 in Uprising really darn fast!

Brigadier General Teu Veld, for alerting PC Licah Fox to an imminent security risk to our TOR operations, you are awarded a Merit Commendation.

Second Lieutenant Dextex, for your ongoing work with the XWA Lets Play videos, your Squadron CO has nominated you for a Merit Commendation and promotion, both of which we are happy to approve. Congratulations, First Lieutenant .

COL Naesa Draw , through a fluke of coordinating, PC Licah Fox ended up CC’d on your squadron mailing list for a while and got to see you in action. In addition to the timely Based on his recommendation and your lack of promotion since 2010, we hereby promote you to Brigadier General.

For a bit of levity, FA Raven nominated ADM Vandroth for a Violet Cluster after they had finished playing the ITOD Mission for X-Wing Miniatures: “In a vicious battle against an Imperial convoy consisting of a Lambda, TIE Advanced, and two TIE Fighters, the valiant pilot of Admiral Vandroth's Y-wing starfighter 'Academy 2' sustained multiple critical hits including a destroyed ion cannon turret, hull breach, and a damaged sensor array; but somehow survived with minimal hull strength. The pilot would valiantly fight for a short time later before unfortunately being killed, but the RS will always remember this pilot for his tenacity and perseverance in battle.”

Major General Kimiao Quinal. We often talk about your exemplary work as a Task Force Leader, but we haven’t really recognized your efforts as a PLAYER fighting under the RS Banner. During the past operation, you have participated in over 845 separate matches in World of Tanks which, even by conservative estimates, puts you at over Eighty Hours of ACTIVE, IN-MATCH game time this operation alone. You have maintained a consistently commendable win-rate, and of the 80 member Clan you have helped create and mentor, your 30-day WN8 rating of 2114 places you in the top 10%. Platform Coordinator Licah Fox had this to say: “Kimi's mastery of World of Tanks during Operation: Titan's Dawn is absolutely outstanding. He has built the RS Clan to #60 in North America, and personally invested a huge amount of skilled time into defeating other top-ranked clans. This medal signifies his multiplayer combat achievements. It is my honor to make him only the 9th RS officer to be nominated for this medal since 2003.” It is our honor to approve this nomination and hereby award you the New Republic Medal of Honor.

Rear Admiral Gavin Cantorph Kravis , please step forward. Your Platform Coordinator has been impressed with your efforts as Task Force Leader of our Commander division, but moreso, feels a great injustice has been perpetrated. Since your last promotion in 2003, you served as Fleet Commander of the Rebel Squadrons for 1.5 years, was a Minister of Justice on the old Council of Justice for 7.5 years, and have served as our Commander TFL for multiple sessions. Either of the first two achievements would have been sufficient, but the combination of all three practically requires the following: for your extensive services to the RS, we hereby promote you to the rank of Vice Admiral .

Section Four: AWOLs and Squadron Transfers

If you have not yet familiarized yourself with the latest Fleet Commander Directive regarding AWOLs and Squadron Transfers, please go to: and read over it. This is important to every member of the Rebel Squadrons, and clarifies the policy and procedure regarding inactive players and transfers to other squadrons.

The following members will be marked AWOL for failing to report this last operation:

  • BGN Swifty Chapple
  • BGN Richo
  • CDT Capt. KushSmoke
  • MGN Adam Meiter
  • BGN Ray Djo
  • LJG Saabreena
  • LJG Seraphol Ceartas
  • LCM Wayne77177
  • CDT Doldoyall
  • CDT Rhogon
  • CDT Jobn
  • CDT Manthadia Argentum

The following members will be moved back to the Academy for being AWOL for two operations:

  • CDT mOrfiUs

Finally, the following members have been in the Academy and AWOL for an entire session, neither participating in activities or responding to e-mails. They will be removed from the roster, and are welcome to rejoin the RS should they ever find time to participate again.

  • CDT soundsnsilence
  • CDT Jas Marbo
  • CDT Rax Trellik
  • CDT Talley Darkstar
  • CDT wookieejedi
  • CDT Dashnaldo Sunbiter
  • CDT KieranFES
  • CDT Byron Bladestorm
  • CDT RhinoAlbino
  • CDT Delrin
  • CDT rkwilmot
  • CDT RobberDelux
  • CDT Mykhel
  • CDT Cogor
  • LCL jelf boom
  • 2LT Tavon
  • LJG Kernall
  • LJG Riaven
  • CDT Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae
  • GEN Chris Horn “Kicks”

Also, if you wish to request a transfer to another squadron, now is the time to do so! You have until we put out the next mission briefing!

Section Five: Closing Statements

Please remember that we try to make sure that all ITOD objectives are both challenging and fun. If you have any suggestions for activities that would be enjoyable for our members either in solo gaming or multiplayer then make them known to the relevant task force leader or platform co-ordinator who I'm sure will do their best to incorporate them.

Keep up the fight, pilots!
Admiral Cyrel Vandroth, Fleet Commander
CMDR Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance, Fleet Executive Officer


FA Cyrel Vandroth - Sun Oct 04 2015, 12:03pm
Slight errors in the SotRS:

RA Kravis is being promoted to the next rank in the sequence, Vice Admiral... not all the way to Fleet Admiral. That was my mistake. Derpy FC is derp.

Joshua Hawkins was erroneously listed as a FA despite in the same SotRS already being mentioned as an ADM. He's an ADM. My bad!
FA Cyrel Vandroth - Sun Oct 04 2015, 12:07pm
In addition, ADM Hawkins reports that he "didn't do shit in commader (sic)". Therefore, we retract our thanks.
LCM lmaokai88 - Sun Oct 04 2015, 5:32pm
I reported on the X-Wing alliance mission for this tour, not sure why I was marked as AWOL