Rebel Squadrons

Mission Briefing - Hammerfall: Sons of Lithra

By MGN Nicolai Ginofev
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
----------, Jan 10, 2016
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New Operation: Hammerfall - Sons of Lithra

Deep within the Aurora nebula, near Exren, the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Titan and a massive fleet of warships, her own personal home guard fleet, sat in wait at a Titan staging point, preparing for the next phase of their invasion against task force Republic Shield. Along with this fleet four additional Star Destroyers, the flagships of the fleets assaulting each side of Republic Shield space, were present. A rare meeting of the entire upper leadership of the invasion force had been called, and all four sector Admirals had been summoned to the Titan herself, to meet with their Fleet Commander. Deep within the bowels of the Super Star Destroyer, each Admiral sat with a small entourage at a large briefing table with various holoprojectors showing the status of their invasion forces. At the head of the table was the mastermind behind the invasion - Grand Admiral Ardus Khoda, flanked by his own support staff.

Grand Admiral Khoda had not acquired his position in the traditional manner, he was not one of the thirteen original Grand Admirals appointed by Emperor Palpatine during the Galactic Civil War, but rather a self-proclaimed one. Originally the Grand Moff of holdings in the Kathol sector, he restyled his title after the acquisition of the Titan herself and its constituent fleet. A middle aged Coruscantian native with a receding hairline, he was not necessarily a cunning strategist nor a particularly skilled naval commander, but his organizational skills and leadership were key to the fleet's success. Grand Admiral Kohda was not afraid to yield to the more experienced tacticians and naval commanders under his banner, and so the Admirals of the fleet followed him out of respect of his vision and his willingness to allow them to operate their fleets as mostly independent entities. Each of them felt as if they were autonomous, merely answering to a higher authority for the overall target of their campaigns and to be held accountable in the event of failure.

The Grand Admiral depressed a button on the conference call, and several minutes passed as a long range communication channel was opened through dozens of smaller relays spread throughout the sector. A dull click signaled a successful connection, and a male's voice resonated in the room.

"RS Operations Office, this is Maj-" The voice was cut off by Grand Admiral Khoda.

"Starburst Protocol." He spoke clearly into the comlink built into the conference table, and after a moment, continued. "Operative, provide us with your last report to the Republic Shield high command."

"Sir." The voice on the other end sounded distant, but clear. "Titan continues to push into the Aurora Sector, Cadrel Expanse, and Subterrel Sectors. The Allegiance Battle Group has fought Titan to a standstill and has actually begun counter offensives. Brigadier General Veld and Task Force Shochu continue to stall the Titan advance in the Cadrel Expanse with hit and run attacks on their supply lines, they can't go any further without risking their entire invasion. Their advance in Subterrel is going extremely slowly, as it is heavily fortified, but we are losing ground. The Aurora sector is steadily losing ground, they may be able to attack Aurora directly in the near future, and we need to assign more assets to protect it. Finally, because of the ABG's success, we have opened our own invasion route to Lithra, one of their major shipyard worlds. We will begin attacks in the coming weeks." The voice on the other end recited the summary of the Operations' Office last report to High Command.

The Grand Admiral paused for a moment, looking across the room, allowing the information to sink in, before looking at a chronometer on his wrist. He knew this conversation could last no more than five minutes exactly, and so he did not wait long to follow up.

"Who is leading the coordination for the assault on Lithra?" The Grand Admiral asked.

"Eric Skrevski is coordinating resistance efforts on the planet while Aisha Dakari and her fleet assault holdings nearby. The ABG fleet has been running support for both of them. They are supported by the remainder of the ABG and the various smaller factions that their members control."

"Thank you, Operative," Ardus said, before abruptly cutting the communication channel before the five minute mark on his chronometer. He pressed a button on the control panel in front of him, and holographic images of the two individuals mentioned by name -- Eric Skrevski and Aisha Dakari, appeared before the collected group of Admirals, detailed biographical data streamed down the holos.

"Gentlemen this is becoming a problem. With the loss of our primary shipyard in the Kathol sector, Lithra represents an entire third of our starship production capability, and it cannot be allowed to fall." His voice steadily rose as he spoke, anger flaring. He was constantly frustrated by the navy's failure to keep the ABG in check, and various RS victories had also started to slow what he thought would be an unstoppable tide. "Admiral Zeltrin, explain yourself."

The man he referenced, Admiral Zeltrin, was the commander of the Titan's southern quadrant invasion force, responsible for attacks on the ABG. He and his fleet had been tasked with capturing Bethlamore, the RS' major fortress world south of the Greeop sector, and the 'back door' to their home system.

"Sir, their assets and holdings are far more extensive than our initial intelligence estimates. We are being counterattacked on a weekly basis, and simply can't keep up with the sheer number of targets they can hit. Their own intelligence seems to far exceed our own and they've been able to hit where we're weakest. They aren't doing major damage, yet, but attrition is starting to take it's toll. I've assigned an entire battle group to try to stop Dakari, but she's striking at their supply lines on an almost daily basis and we can't muster the forces to strike at the system she's operating out of. Then there's the matter of the other members, we just can't keep up while the main body of my fleet is tied up ensuring that their allies like Task Force Whispering Death don't deal more damage behind our lines." The Admiral sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He'd honestly done the best he could with the assets he had, but Republic Shield had many allies, even some they didn't realize they had, all fighting to stop Titan from taking control of the quadrant. It was through little fault of his own that he had been fought to a stand still after his initial successes, he was simply trying to cover too much space with the smallest sector fleet in the Titan armada.

Grand Admiral Khoda seemed to understand this, and so instead of reprimanding his commander, he nodded. He manipulated the holoprojector, blowing up the map of RS holdings, and highlighted the southern edge of RS space, where the Allegiance Battle Group and their members were based.

"This is the only area where we are being counterattacked, and we're no longer advancing in Cadrel. We're going to rectify both situations. I want Assault Group East to be completely pulled out and reassigned to Assault Group South, we'll defend the few planets we've taken in the Cadrel expanse, and instead focus on where we're bleeding the most. I want to send a message. Attack everything that isn't Titan in the entire area. Assign additional intelligence units as well, we need to determine how they're getting such detailed information on our holdings and fleet movements." He pursed his lips, looking at the rotating hologram of Eric. "And I want information on his family, it's about time we put an end to this self-proclaimed 'Duke' and his and the RS' efforts to retake Lithra."

"Meanwhile, the remaining groups will continue as planned. We are beginning a full planetary invasion of Exren today, and are working toward completely enveloping the Aurora system. The invasion of the Subterrel sector is proceeding well, albeit slowly, so I see no need to make an adjustment there." The Grand Admiral looked down at his console, going over the notes he had prepared for the meeting, the initial overview he set forth was almost finished, save for one final general instruction before they got into the operational details. He looked up at his Admirals and smiled.

"Finally, before we're done here I want an operational plan developed to ambush and destroy the Redemption. We'll use our operative to facilitate its destruction much like we did with the Windstorm. I intend to send a message to RS High Command that they will lose this war... The Titan herself will divert from its planetary assault duties and will be used to destroy their precious flagship. So, gentlemen, let's start talking specifics, beginning with how we'll go about stopping the attacks on our assets in Group South now that it is to be reinforced with Group East. Admiral Zeltrin..."

Grand Admiral Khoda yielded the floor to his Admirals, to allow the detailed discussions on Task Force Republic Shield's invasion of Lithra and his own fleet's response to begin.

-=Author Credit=-
FA Michael Raven, Logistics Officer

Legacy Gaming Objectives

X-Wing Alliance

  • Briefing: Hit-and-fade one of Lithra’s long range sensor arrays near their shipyards. To get in and out quickly this needs to be a small force with no capital ship support. Two B-Wings should be enough to take down the array with four X-wings flying cover. You should be able to take it down and get out of their before they can bring any Star Destroyers up from the yards and into the fight, though we do expect a fair amount of fighter resistance. Optionally, if resistence isn’t too high, you might want to damage any capital ships that might be in for repair nearby. This is a surgical strike, so make sure to bug out quick if the imps start to muster; we can’t afford to lose many ships on this one so the force will be recalled if we start to lose any craft.
  • Objectives: Jump in, take out sensor array, optionally stick around to do more damage to any ships in the repair yards (if resistance isn’t too strong), then get safely back home.
  • Point Distribution:1 point for array, 1 point for taking out a capital ship, 1 point for getting home safely.
  • Mission Reporter Link: Go to the Hammerfall - Sons of Lithra ITOD page for XWA, download the mission, fly it, and report on aforementioned page with a screenshot.

Legacy Platform Coordinator Objective

  • Briefing: In an effort to further disrupt Imperial communications in the Lithra system we’re sending a small commando team down to the surface in an attempt to destroy one of the ground-to-space communication uplinks. Lead your team of commandos to fight your way over to and take out that uplink.
  • Objectives: Play the Lithra Empire at War skirmish (recommend normal difficulty)
  • Point Distribution: 1 point for playing, 1 point for victory, 1 point for narrative
  • Mission Reporter Link: Go to the Hammerfall - Sons of Lithra ITOD page for Empire at War, download the mission, play it, and report at that page with a screenshot (and narrative).

Modern Gaming Objectives

X-Wing Miniatures

  • Briefing: Nothing special here, pilots, but it’s all the same just as critical. You’ll be flying regularly scheduled combat patrols along our frontlines, focused along possible Imperial patrol lines near and at the Lithra System. Engage and destroy any Imperial forces you encounter.
  • Objectives: Play Minis! Any 100 point matches (or higher if you want to involve capships/epic scale battles) are valid for reporting.
  • Point Distribution: 1 point for every match played (max 3 per player).
  • Mission Reporter Link: Report the match using the standard reporter, and then report up to 3 of those links on the Hammerfall - Sons of Lithra ITOD page for Minis.


  • Briefing: With the fall of Exren, RS forces need to regroup and reorganize wherever they can so that the operations aimed at Lithra stand a chance to succeed.
  • Objectives: 1) Contribute one double chest full of stacks of 64 items—can be any item, mixing and matching possible. 2) Report at least 1 hour with other RSers on the server. 3) Report at least 3 hours.
  • Point Distribution: 1 point per objective completed
  • Mission Reporter Link: Report on each objective completed in their respective Minecraft ITOD sections, and ensure it is accompanied with correct screenshots.


  • Briefing: As the RS prepares to mount such a critical offensive, all commands and even the smallest of fire bases are being called upon to provide manpower.
  • Objectives: Donate troops regularly to your fellow commanders over the course of the session. 1) Donate at least 5 troops per week. 2) Donate at least 15 troops per week. 3) Donate at least 100 total troops. One mulligan is allowed for the weekly donations. Donating at least 300 total troops will count as completing all of the above objectives.
  • Point Distribution: 1 per objective met
  • Mission Reporter Link: None, this will be monitored by TFL Gavin Kravis over the duration of the session. You may contact him at if you have any questions.

The Old Republic

  • Briefing: The RS is calling upon it's various commando and small-scale units to acquire as much in the way of assets as they can, as well as taking on small scale operations against Imperial forces in and around Lithra.
  • Objectives: 1) Donate 100K to the RS Guild, 2) Participate in a Flashpoint, 3) Participate in a Warzone (PvP).
  • Point Distribution: 1 per objective
  • Mission Reporter Link: Submit your screenshots both on the forum link ( ) and email them to TFL Ray D'jo ( Please also send in-game mail to Vykkyn to provide status reports (and for non subscribers to donate credits by mailing them to her instead).


  • Briefing: Welcome to Republic Shield’s newest unit pilots. Maj. Carl’s Commandos have been causing havoc with an enemy communication uplink on Lithra and it’s our job to cover their extraction. Once the comm station has been destroyed the Commandos will commandeer an earmarked GR-75 Medium Transport and head for orbit; a small group of our X-Wings and A-Wings will escort the transport. The destruction of the uplink will have made a lot of noise on Lithra, so expect the local garrison to send TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors in pursuit of our transport.
  • Objective: Complete any mission co-op with another RS member. 2) Earn a star on all training missions. (Prove by receiving "All right, I'll give it a try" achievement). 3) Play every multiplayer game mode. (Prove by receiving "A New Hope" achievement).
  • Point Distribution: 1 Per Objective
  • Mission Reporter Link: Submit screenshots of each objective completed on the ITOD page for Battlefront.

World of Tanks

  • Briefing: The RS continues to be battered across the sector but has made scalpel like incisions into the enemies nearby. The number of new recruits have dropped dramatically off as a result of the Imperial propaganda machine. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to recruit 3 new members into the RS.
  • Objective: Recruit new members into the RS. The new members must complete either an ITOD or a multiplayer game with another member of the RS.
  • Point Distribution: 1 per new recruit, 3 max
  • Mission Reporter Link: None. Contact TFL Kimiao Quinal ( ) upon recruiting someone, he will be monitoring this objective for the duration of the session.

Modern Gaming Platform Coordinator Directive

  • Briefing: The Rebel Squadrons continues to investigate all avenues of approach for the operations against Lithra, and a new one has opened up. Command is requesting any available personnel to commence operations in this new area of operations.
  • Objective: Join the Rebel Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, available for mobile systems and BlueStacks on computers. 1) Reach at least level 20 in-game and submit a screenshot of your cantina with your level at the upper left; 2) post your Ally Code on the RS forums on this thread: 3) collect at least 11 characters and submit a screenshot of your characters screen.
  • Point Distribution: 1 per objective
  • Mission Reporter Link: Submit your ally code on the mentioned forum link, and submit your screenshots in the Galaxy of Heroes ITOD section (may be posted under a different platform, but will be designated for Galaxy of Heroes).

Immersion Objectives


  • Briefing: With the destruction of the fleet that attacked the Aurora system, High Command needs intelligence on Titan activity around the Lithra sector. They are sending Infiltrators into the system to land on the planet and gather as much information as they can.
  • Objective instructions: Write in the thread on the forums. The infiltration mission will be completely set up, and then there will be no further interaction with a narrator, and it will go to a standard fiction thread. If you have any specific questions that are not answered by the initial narrative post, contact Raven.
  • Mission reporter link / contact e-mail: for any questions.
  • Objectives/Point distribution: 1 Point - Contribute to the thread. | 1 Point - Write a joint post with another RS member | 1 Point - Contribution exceeds 5,000 words for the session.


  • Briefing: One of the ABG’s own, Eric Skrevski, has been fighting toward the liberation of the Lithra sector for many years. With the opening the RS has, it may be the only opportunity he has to assault his homeworld and wrest control away from the Titan fleet and the Empire as a whole. As such, the ABG is dedicated to assisting Eric in the liberation of his world.
  • Objective instructions: Contribute to the Liberation of Lithra.
  • Point distribution: 1 Point - Participate in Raven’s ongoing Sentinel campaign, which will begin focusing on the Liberation of Lithra | 1 Point - Contribute something toward the Liberation of Lithra in an upgrade session. (See a SGM) | 1 Point - The unit must make one significant step toward the Liberation of Lithra during the session. Participating and succeeding in the Sentinel sims will count as this objective, otherwise a character must perform some sort of action. See Raven.

RPG Platform Coordinator Directive

  • Objective instructions: The ABG continues to expand and flourish, and we encourage players to explore our system and find something they’re interested in doing. This objective is to encourage people to come take a look at what the ABG has to offer, and dive into the system to find what they’d like their character’s niche to be.
  • Objectives/Point distribution: 1 point - Establish or expand any Business/Side Project OR use any design system to create a piece of gear | 1 point - Earn 10 Merit Points | 1 point - Take the aGM examination (it is not required that you actually become an aGM) OR run a character sim/actual sim

Fleet Commander's Directive

  • Objective Instruction: Outreach! Organize some manner of game night with another Star Wars club. This can be a EaW tournament, Civ5 marathon, Battlefront arranged matchmaking… whatever! Contact another club, set something up, and tell everyone about it. Then, participate in a cross-club event. Submit a link of your general activity report.
  • Point Distribution: 2 merit points: Organize and run an event. 1 merit point: participate in an event.


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